Yummy buggy – review on Baby Jogger City Mini

Finished all my research on strollers and decided the Baby Jogger City mini was the one for us.  So then on to the price research…my favourite task, although gathering up all my vouchers, online survey payments owed, cashback owed etc is a nightmare task.  Still waiting on another £80 of survey payments which should come in over the next couple of months so that will offset some of the cost, and as Tesco turned out to be the cheapest after their 25% off, it means I’ve now got lots of Amazon vouchers still available to save up for Christmas spending.

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We picked up the buggy today…my NCT friends will laugh as I decided to opt for the ‘stone’ colourway (otherwise I’d be being overrun with red baby equipment as the car seat & travel system buggy!).  For a buggy, because it folds up really small, it was easy to carry the box/fit it in the car, and apart from fitting the wheels all it needed to be set up was a flick and it was open and ready to use.  Oh, and fitting the hood which was easy compared to other buggies I’ve used where the hoods have a tendency not to stay on very well.

As expected it’s really light to use and easy to manoeuvre, I love the swivel/non swivel option for the front wheel, there’s a handy pocket, good sized basket, and the hood is brilliant – think for most trips I’ll be able to get away without taking a raincover as it covers so much of the seat.  The recline’s brilliant and it feels sturdy for something so light.

Although it says don’t hang bags off the handles, I tried my heavy changing bag over the back.  Even without N sitting in it, it didn’t fall backwards with the weight, so I think I may try and locate (or make) a small bag to carry basic things while we’re out and about.  I think he’s still a bit too young to not take things like nappies/spare bottle/change of clothes, muslin etc with us.  But if I can get a small bag for that stuff, I may even be able to get back to taking out a handbag for me?  Or maybe it’ll have to be a rucksack for practicalities.

Anyway, plan to take it for a quick zip round town tomorrow to test it out properly, and will take a picture of N hopefully looking happy in it.


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