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5 things to look forward to when children grow up

When you have children time seems to whizz by.  Faster than usual. We want to savour the time we have with our children. Not many people want to rush their childhood by and see them grow up and leaving home.  But sometimes there are times when you wander what’s ahead as they grow up.

things to look forward to - Bubbablue and me

Things to look forward to when children grow up

Free time

Of course free time is so easily filled, but as children get older the weekends get filled up, and after school is a frantic rush around.  We want our children to do activities and be involved with sports and clubs. But when a 30 minute lesson is in the middle of a Saturday, and then Sunday’s become match afternoons.  That’s relaxing family time and roast dinners screwed.  Am I wrong for thinking that maybe it would be a good idea if N decided that playing competitive tennis wasn’t for him?

No taxi driving

Thankfully I only have 1 child and he doesn’t do that much in the way of activities. But I’m expecting that to increase through the tweens and teen years. He does have older cousins, 4-5 will be driving by the time he’s going out and about on his own. But living too far away from places to be reasonably walkable or even bikeable, means my taxi driving skills will be required.

Food lasting more than a day

Some children are fussy eaters, but the majority I’ve ever met have loved food and always seem to be hungry. In particular those with boys. N is a grazer who also eats a fair amount at mealtimes. He always moans that after school club never give the bigger children enough food since they’ve had more toddlers in the nursery, and will come home and eat another full meal.  He’ll moan he’s hungry 30 minutes after a meal.  And even telling him it’s probably thirst and to drink more water doesn’t stop him being hungry. Our fridge door is frequently open, and I have to stop him from eating all the ‘snacks’ which are meant to be for eating on the go when we’re out and about, not for snacking at home.

Permanent chat and questions

Much as I love the chats N and I have, sometimes you just want quiet. And you don’t often get it when you have children. If N isn’t talking, he’s got Youtube on which he insists on watching so loud that I can hear it clearly upstairs. So instead of hearing him, I have to suffer annoying chatter from his favourites Daily Bumps or Share Fam. Arggghhhhh.  The incessant chatter and questions always seems to come when you’ve just sat down to have a bit of quiet time, never when you’re ready to listen.

Choose your own days out

I don’t always choose ‘kids’ days out, I prefer to try and find locations which have something I want to see as well as having something I think N will enjoy. But he would rather just go biking round the same park as always or head to the same fairground rides recreation ground where I get the joy of standing holding the bags while he goes on the child sized rides.  Thankfully I have flexi days so I do get the chance to visit places I know he won’t like, but when he’s grown up I shall make more visits to gardens and historic houses.

But overall, I’m still enjoying N as he is now, and thankfully we’ve got a good lot of years left before he’s anywhere near old enough to move out.  He’ll probably only move next door on the farm anyway!

Do you ever think what it’ll be like once your children grow up and move out?


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