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Once you start camping regularly, there’s not much turning back.  And you end up growing your camping equipment each year.  Going camping is dangerous for your bank account because you see so many ideas for camping set ups that makes you think ‘ooh that would make camping life so cool / much easier’ (*delete as required).  Much is dependent on the size of your car, but even if you’ve been camping for years, there’s always new innovations in tents and camping equipment.

If you’re a camping enthusiast (or even just someone new to taking your family camping), you don’t always want to spend money on nice to have items.  So why not add your camping wishlist to your Christmas list and give relatives or friends ideas of things you’d love.

I’ve pulled together a gift guide with lots of camping gift ideas, including items I’ve been sent to try out and things I’ve seen over the last year which could make great gifts for camping fans – some for stocking fillers, some for normal presents.

Camping enthusiast gift guide - Bubbablue and me

Camping gift ideas

Cushtie pillow

These pillows come in their own bag, and are longer than blow up pillows, so great for camping.  Choose one in the colour you want (pink, blue or black), and give it to moaning tired kids on car journeys as well as using in the tent at night.  I’m terrible for forgetting a pillow when I’m camping, but hopefully this would be something N would grab to take down with us as well.

Axe shaped multi-tool

Who wouldn’t want one of these multitools? They’re useful and a bit fun.  Anything that combines useful tools means less chance of losing them too – we can never find a bottle opener or scissors when we need them camping, so this would be helpful in most problem camping situations (the best would be the addition of a peg hook and spray proofer).

Collapsible lantern

Anything that frees up space while packing for camping is a great idea, and this lantern’s sweet – plus useful with it’s handle you can hang from the tent.  It’s solar powered, so no need to worry about batteries running out.

Hydro flask

I don’t really drink hot drinks usually, but in summer temperatures can go down in the evenings. Camping in a big family group means that often drinks are poured out for everyone, and some people don’t get to theirs before they cool down. With the Hydro flip flask, coffee stays hot for up to 6 hours, it’s BPA and Phthalate free, and you can use it for hot foods like soup because it’s stainless steel build means it doesn’t hold on to flavours

camping gift guide

Hard ground tent pegs

Once you’ve been camping once you realise that the tent pegs that come with tents aren’t the best. It was only 3 years down the line that I heard about rock pegs.  You can get tent pegs for different types of ground, and after this year’s heatwave, the Rock Pegs I bought were brilliant. Not only are they great to knock into the ground, but they’re brightly coloured for easy viewing, and they include a peg hook for easy removal.  These make great gifts – or any one of the similar boxed tent peg options.

hard ground tent pegs

Snugboy Inflatable chair

We have a cheaper version of these, but they’re so handy to have camping. For lazing around at the campsite, in or out of the tent, or on the beach. You don’t need anything to inflate it other than either wind, or a bit of someone wafting their arms around.  For handy gift wrapping, they come in their own bag

inflatable sofa

Melanine camping set

We tend to just use the boring white set that came in our picnic set, but if you’re camping with friends, they tend to all get mixed in and it’s hard to know whose plates are whose. There’s so many designs to choose from, but they can be subtle and look less like camping or picnic gear or you can go arty with more of a mondrian style set.  Enamel is the alternative, but melanine has less cringe-rating with cutlery scraping on it.

Personalised enamel mug

These cute mugs would be a great stocking filler for men, women or children.  No need for them to lose their mug to anyone else in the tent.

Outwell Campfire Tripod

For those who want more than just a single gas stove, this is a bit of fun without having to go the whole hog with a campfire or bbq. It’s adjustable, and easy to set up, great for grilling and bbq-ing on

Aquabot water cleaner

For easy swilling off muddy shoes and boots, or washing up single items – handy when you’ve no permanent water supply in the wilds, or just squirting the children if they’re misbehaving.

Matador pocket blanket

This blanket folds down to the size of a packet of crisps, but open is big enough for 4 to sit on. Use it in your tent, or outside for kids to play

If you want to treat yourself, you could do worse than buying this amazing rainbow bell tent!


Disclosure: I was sent some of these gift guide products for the purpose of this gift guide. All words and opinions are my own.

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  3. That inflatable chair looks amazing, I could do with that next summer for the garden! – Thanks for linking up with the Christmas gift guide linky!

  4. Tracey Hallmark

    Snugboy Inflatable Chair is top of my camping wishlist I envied all my fellow campers who had one this year although if I have one I won’t get much of a look in with my boy lol ,thanks for a fab giveaway.

  5. Gemma Holland

    The cushtie sounds like the perfect camping item to me

  6. Hayley Lynch

    Guaranteed sunshine would be my perfect camping must have !

  7. Hannah Smalley

    A self inflating mattress after borrowing a friends this year no way I can go back to a mat!!!

  8. Amanda w

    A toilet.. deffo need a chemical toilet for middle of the night trips to the loo!!

  9. Margaret Wacey

    A new camping stove would be awesome 🙂

  10. Sarah Russell

    l would love one of the self inflating mats i’m not very good with just the sleeping bag.


    A super new modern camping stove, it would be great – it’s on my wish list

  12. Mark Allen

    Having made a new start in life I’m short of a tent! Im going to treat myself to a small backpack sized one for next year.

  13. Diane Crafter

    its got to be a self inflating mattress for a bit of comfort and a leakproof tent is a must.

  14. Tracey S Anderson

    An insulated sleeping bag would be a super lovely snuggly treat! 🙂

  15. Pauline Burroughs

    I’d love one of those self inflating mattresses. A little bit of comfort would be great

  16. Sara McClellan

    I’d love one of those pull along trailers, for getting kit from the car to campsite!

  17. Claire Austin

    A bigger tent – we only have a four man and I have two very active kids – not the ideal combo!

  18. Laura Wheatley

    a camping kettle! I do love a cuppa 😀

  19. I love the sound of the pocket blanket! With little ones that would be ideal!

  20. melanie allen

    got to be a hot water bottle for me i’m always nesh (yorkshire for cold)

  21. Mandy Doherty

    A comfy airbed that doesn’t deflate during the night

  22. hayley pemberton

    a pull a long truck to carry all our equipment

  23. Pauline Dring

    A 3 seasons sleeping bag is top of my list

  24. Charlotte Wilde

    a proper camping air bed – too old to be getting on to a down on the ground camping mat these days!

  25. Lisa Smith

    a tent as ours is in desperate need of updating

  26. Kimberley Davies

    a nice comfy air bed. don’t think my poor back will cope without one lol

  27. Lorraine Stone

    A small picnic table and chairs would be fab!

  28. jacqui graham

    As all my camping equipment is second hand, it’s well used, there are items on this prize list that would make our next camping experience far more comfortable, practical and enjoyable, the item which caught my eye in particular was the snugboy inflatable chair – we would take turns on this for sure.

  29. marie miles

    id like a nice big tent and some super cosy warm sleeping bags. so my husband and I can start our next part of life together now the children have flown the nest and create lasting cherished memories. thanks for the chance

  30. Sandra Fortune

    A new air bed and thermal sleeping bag

  31. betsy ferguson

    i have heard that this is the best on the market – Snugpak Special Forces Complete System Sleeping Bag x

  32. Deb Pettit

    A generator is top of our list but we can never spare the money.

  33. Samantha Bolter

    would love an airbeam tent, they go up so quick its unbelievable and down just as easy 🙂

  34. Dawn Samples

    A camping stove to make a lovely breakfast and a cup of coffee in the morning x

  35. Lisa Hall

    A decent camping stove would be nice, we have one of those single ring things.

  36. Phil Darling

    A four season sleeping bag is top of my list – would extend our camping season

  37. Rebecca Whatmore

    A really good quality sleeping bag as I always get so cold!

  38. Cara-Jane HUNTER

    An Emergency Foil Thermal Survival Blanket to put under my tent – I’ve been told it really keeps you warm!

  39. Adrian Bold

    We’ve had out 2 man tent for a long time, and could use a larger / more modern one.

  40. Marie Rungapadiachy

    A really comfy sleeping bag is at the top of my wishlist.

  41. A sun shelter – we went camping in June and were in desperate need of some shade, and we were in the UK!

  42. Victoria B

    I’d love the Cushtie pillow – such a simple idea but very much needed in camping

  43. Nancy Bradford

    I think it would be really luxurious to have a camping carpet x

  44. Valerie Seal

    I couldn’t manage without a bucket! i’m cheap to keep!

  45. Angela Kelly

    Anything to help with cooking is most welcome.

  46. Kelly Knowles

    I would say a good air bed is a must, followed by water bottles, nothing worse that waking in the night for a drink and need to walk over a field to a water source.

  47. Amy Briscoe

    A tent with different rooms and a living room area! And a big good looking man with big muscles to put it up for me!!

  48. Gemma Smith

    I think a good night’s sleep really makes or breaks a camping trip! I would love a new camp bed or one of the new SIMs I’ve heard great things about!

  49. Jessica w

    A larger camping stove. Pour current one only has one ring so makes cooking a little limited

  50. Jade Bremner

    Would love some super comfy blow up beds and a sofa bed I saw one a while back and it looked fab

  51. Charlotte G

    I would like a good air bed to sleep on… Getting a good nights sleep always makes camping more enjoyable

  52. Elizabeth Smith

    Not having my own car I’d love a QTvan – love the fact that in such a small design they prioritised a drinks cabinet!
    With my loved ones having little money I’d settle with a blow-up mattress which stayed inflated all night.

  53. Michelle Newman

    I would love a pop up tent which is easy and quick to put up

  54. Arabella Bazley

    I love the campfire tripod, looks much more fun than the gas stove so that will be top of my camping wishlist.

  55. Sandra Bald

    a head torch
    ideal for late night trips to the WC

  56. Charmaine Dance

    A tent that is easy to put up but still a good size!

  57. Anthea Holloway

    A new tent would be a great help as our old one is just not big enough for us all now.

  58. jo liddement

    A lantern that is big enough to give some decent light.

  59. I’d really love a fire bowl. I adore being around a campfire.

  60. kimberley ryan

    a new family tent as ours is a little run down now

  61. Carole Paton

    A really good air bed that doesn’t deflate in the middle of the night!

  62. Alex Telford

    When we went this year the people on the pitch next to us had an air beam tent. Amazing! Up in no time and if I had one of those I think I could probably manage to take the children occasionally by myself when we are all off school but husband still working. I’m not tall enough to put our tent up without help 🙁

  63. A new tent – big enough for all five of us!

  64. Elizabeth Cooke

    The Snugboy Inflatable chair I’ve had my eye on for ages! Perfect for camping but also days out. Also any inflatable mattress would be great.

  65. The top of my wishlist is a camper van but for the tent, I would say a camping toilet.

  66. sam cornford

    We’ve only just started camping and have a week booked for next year. What I really want before then is one of those double camp stoves. Easily pleased me.

  67. Violet Phillippo

    I’d love to buy a decent sleeping bag liner, so that I stay dry and cosy and it’s also easier to clean afterwards!

  68. Marie Evans

    Toilet tent would be very useful when camping.

  69. Christine Westlake

    A nice easy to put up roomy tent

  70. A good quality, insulated, light, self inflating ground mat, worth its (very light) weight in gold.

  71. Victoria Prince

    A good airbed! That’s easy to inflate, comfortable and doesn’t start to deflate over night :-\

  72. Alice Colling

    An air bed that doesn’t go down in the night!

  73. James Harris

    I would love an ultra lightweight tent for hiking and wild camping.

  74. Good quality sleeping bags on comfortable camp beds are essential for us..

  75. A compact packaway blanket or massive towel that we can use for picnics, for the baby to roll around on and generally to make things cosy.

  76. Lorna Ledger

    Wet wipes are always useful 😉 and a warm blanket as sometimes a sleeping bag just doesn’t cut the mustard!

  77. Rachael Sexey

    A luxury sleeping bag would be amazing

  78. Tracy Newton

    We really need a set of table and chairs. I am getting too old to sit on the ground

  79. Dawn Fotheringham

    This is just what I need to go away with my boys on another adventure. Fab!

  80. Stephanie Dunmore

    Just what i need for next summer.

  81. Jade Jones

    a nice new camping bed or chair bed would do me as the one i have at oresent is a crap one thats about to break any day, and is extremely uncomfortable for me to sit on – due to the fact my body dislocates a minimum of 8 times a day

  82. Katy Hacket

    a really good airbed and a real pillow, other than those luxuries I’m happy to rough it

  83. Rachael carter

    I have one camping obssessed husband who would love any of this

  84. Dale Dow

    A large family tent for the top of my list x

  85. Sarah blythe

    anything would help son want to go and we havenowt

  86. Karen Robinson

    We need a good light. Tried so many solar ones (we don’t have electric hook-up) and even on the hottest day, so they are fully charged they still don’t last too long. Oh and a good solar charger for my phone too.


    id love a really warm down sleeping bag. it gets chilly out there

  88. Maureen M

    Love the snugboy chair – would be useful in & out of the tent!

  89. Carolyn E

    A luxury sleeping bag – down would be wonderful

  90. Michelle Ferguson

    I would need a tent before we could go camping


    For me personally it has to be a blow up mattress

  92. Christina Palmer

    A radio that you wind up by hand to charge so we can have music and news at any time

  93. A.E. ADKINS

    We have our eyes on a Snugboy Inflatable chair

  94. Mike Gerrie

    I am away to purchase new sleeping bags for the family ready for next years adventures

  95. The Aquabot water cleaner is great! I need one for running on hot days!

  96. Fiona Johnstone

    A lovely comfy inflatable mat to lie on in my cosy new sleeping bag. As long as you’re warm and comfy at night you can put up with anything. Also a chef to prepare and have ready a banquet when we return to camp from our daily adventures. Also a travelling launderette would be great.

  97. Sharon Hirst

    2 New sleeping bags, ours are ancient, haven’t been camping for years, but hopefully next year.

  98. Ursula Hunt

    Top of my list is a new tent, one with the air instead of poles

  99. charlotte

    id love a huge tent one day! we go to festivals and the small tents are awful xD

  100. Katie Skeoch

    Has to be a snug down sleeping bag & an inflatable Mattress

  101. Nicki Ramsay

    I would say my most desirable item would be a comfortable, supportive camping bed. I went camping last year with just a camping mat and had a crippling bad back for the next week.

  102. Laura Walker

    We are cheating slightly and have bought a campervan. I’ve got my eye on a ridge monkey pan for the hob


    A thick and cosy sleeping bag is a must have. Nights can get pretty chilly.

  104. Patricia Avery

    A separate utility tent for extra storage

  105. Kay Sherman

    Definitely a thick and warm sleeping bag and some cosy socks

  106. cheryl hadfield

    I think an electric hook up so we can charge phones and gadgets

  107. Jade Hewlett

    Some comfortable camping chairs and sleeping bags

  108. Melissa Lee

    An ultra warm and cosy sleeping bag is my number one essential

  109. Philip Slade

    A bigger family tent. One that has space for the kitchen sink.

  110. me and my boyfriend are looking at getting a bigger tent

  111. Kelly Hirst

    Something decent to sleep on – an inflating mattress is much better than a thin roll mat

  112. An 8 person tent! I only camp with one person and love the space

  113. Top of our list is new chairs, the replacements after the last pair were stolen are not very comfortable. It didn’t matter til we invested in a new tent and we can now accommodate chairs inside the tent.

  114. Andrea Upton

    A new set of camping pans, I find the ones that I have a bit too large

  115. Deirdre M

    I have had my eye on the Snugboy Inflatable Chair. They look so practical (Beach!Garden!Concert!Camping!) and also comfy & inviting.

  116. Stef Acaster

    A new camping mattress is top of my list

  117. Ruth Harwood

    A chimnea for evenings sitting in the moonlight x

  118. Karen Morgan

    A good supportive camping bed is essential and nice warm bedding to go with it.

  119. Linda Ford

    Love the inflatable chair, it actually looks comfortable and something that could hold body weight well! Xx

  120. Louise Tring

    The pillow, and the hard ground tent pegs, just what I need! Always end up camping somewhere on hard ground, uncomfy and impossible to get the tent up. Need some more warm bedding for next time!

  121. Sharon Saunders

    My biggest camping wish is a new tent as our current one is sooooo old! :-/

  122. It’s a bit crazy but what’s top on our camping list is a portable solar-powered shower!

  123. Snugboy inflatable is so perfect for camping and looks so comfy! Fingers crossed! We can take all this to the highlands when we go camping x

  124. Snugboy inflatabke would be perfect for camping and looks so comfy! Fingers crossed! We can take all this stuff to the highlands x

  125. lisa dolatowski

    portable BBQ for me, or a camping stove, as I would still want a good hot cocoa to watch the stars with

  126. denise cross

    I’m loving the cushtie pillow or the collapsable lantern – great ideas

  127. Liam Bishop

    My top camping essential would always be a warm sleeping bag with a built in hood and pillow. All you really need!

  128. nice comfy bed, makes so much difference to the enjoyment

  129. Chris Andrews

    the snugboy inflatable chair looks so versatile as well as comfy

  130. Stacey Turner

    A new groundsheet. We made do all summer with none, which wasn’t so good when it had been raining

  131. Nicola Marshall

    A new tent and some nice warm sleeping bags.

  132. Victoria Sparrow

    A new self inflating mat at the moment. Really want a Sea to Summit one, although tempted by some other wintery ones. After camping in minus temperatures during a bad storm in Scotland last year, anything that adds a bit of insulation.

  133. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Extra warm
    Sleeping bag hate being cold

  134. Catherine Stewart

    A battery radio to keep you entertained whilst cooking

  135. Jo m welsh

    A very thick warm sleeping bag that will keep all the cold out.

  136. Lynsey Buchanan

    I would love a camping stove and kettle to make fresh coffee and fry eggs for breakfast

  137. Oh deffo a camping friendly frying pan set so I could cook up some bacon and eggs for everyone

  138. Rachel Craig

    A self heating sleeping bag to keep me warm, and cosy.


    a sleeping bag that heated itself to keep me warm

  140. melanie stirling

    The portable wood burning stove, great for keeping warm on chilly days and nights.

  141. Craig Rogers

    Probably a tent! Currently have no camping gear

  142. becci cleary

    A soft sleeping bag. To be honest I have a huge camping wishlist at the moment as my 13 year old daughter is about to start her 1st Duke of Edinburgh a Expedition and I haven’t even started on her out yet but she keeps telling me to make sure that she has a nice bed to sleep in

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