Nappy change wriggler


My guess is that there’s lots of mums (and dads, grans etc) struggling with their wriggling babies during nappy change times.  Ours has started to get ridiculous over the last couple of days with N flipping straight onto his front and crawling off up the bed.  Or pulling himself up on the radiator to then look out of the window and/or grab his toothbrush or nappy rash cream.  Time for a change, methinks.

So, stage one was to move to the floor, but that didn’t stop the crawling off.  I mean, I thought I was quite quick at nappy changing, and quite strong, but blimey babies are strong little creatures and so nippy…I need 3 or more hands to manage nappy changes nowadays.

I’ve tried holding one leg further up towards his head (supposedly gives them less leverage – doesn’t work), both legs (doesn’t work), putting on the new nappy while he’s crawling or standing (doesn’t work – notice a theme?!).  So I asked around amongst my online friends.

The answer:

Sit with my legs apart, have N sideways on his back in front of my and place one of my legs across his torso.  His legs are in the middle of mine, and his head/chest are outside my legs.  So no way he can escape now.  Ok so there were screams first of all, but then he found it funny.  Plus it means he’s got more interesting things by his head to grab at (laundry basket, nappy bin, spare nappies, pile of towels and such like).  Seems to be a bit drastic, but it’s great when you solve an issue.

Once his nappy’s on, he can go crawling wherever he wants (although it is cute seeing his little peachy bottom disappearing into the distance with an undone vest hanging over it).  At least he attempts to help with the rest of dressing, and that works with him sat on my knee.

Anyone else got interesting means of undertaking awkward nappy changing times?

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