Freedom and things you take for granted

While N was at his settling in sessions at nursery and I was still not back at work, it was great to be able to do those simple things that you forget about as you’ve adapted to children’s needs.

  1. Parking.

I’m not a fan of driving in to spaces, so having to remember I had a pram or buggy in the boot each time I park is a pain as it means I have to find a space that either has space behind to remove the buggy, or worse drive in.  I still prefer to do the former after a year’s practise (love reversing in, hate reversing out!), so to be out and about without N means I can park in all my old favourite spaces.

  1. Handbags.

I love my changing bag, it was a great purchase.  Now as N’s older and we don’t have  (touch wood) any accidents or major sickness incidents it means generally I can leave the house with just a small cool bag if over a meal time and a small Kipling bag which has room for a couple of nappies, wipes, phone, camera and purse.  However, I have a stash of lovely handbags, so it’s bliss to be able to transfer the essentials into one of these to go out when I’m on my own.

  1. Listening to the radio in the car.

N & I usually have the radio on in the car anyway, but quite often he’ll have a nap in the car, which means I can’t really sing along.  So I make the most of it, turn the volume up and have a good old sing song.

  1. Changing rooms.

I’m not really a changing room person as I’d rather buy and try on at home and then return later if needed (plus I walk round with a tape measure in my bag so I can try and ensure I’ve bought a size that will fit), but if you have a buggy, it’s unlikely that you’ll fit in the changing room with it as well as you’ll need to ensure your child isn’t bored & screaming the place down/pulling curtain away etc.

I’m sure there are others that escape my mind at the moment, but it is lovely although very strange to be almost back to being me pre-baby on occasion.

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  1. It’s so strange when you get out on your own. I can’t get used to having my hands free – of a buggy/wriggling walking child/wriggling “babe” in arms. I also have to carry my bags myself. However, the freedom is wonderful. I kept the subway ticket I used when my oldest child went to nursery for his first day until it fell apart. I hope Nathanial loves nursery.

  2. Well there are pros and cons. I now have my handbags back (although I still have to make room for inhalers and lego!) but I can no longer park in parent and child spaces and have to battle with everyone else, and I have to carry my own shopping rather than hanging it on the buggy! Thanks for linking this up to the Love Mummy Blogs showcase – it’s an interesting one

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