making friends at kiddicare

We love Kiddicare

My online birth month board is fabulous.  We went through pregnancy together, the trials and tribulations of birth, and now are sharing the development stages that our little ones are going through.  When we can, local mums and babies catch up and have a meet in a suitable location.

This latest one we went to was at Kiddicare in Peterborough this week.  Smaller than the ones I’ve been to before, it was nice because we could all chat together, whereas the more central ones tend to have so many people that it’s hard to catch up with everyone.

So as usual, the meet included coffee, lunch and of course shopping, and being in Kiddicare was perfect.  I managed to get hold of the next stage car seat for N.  However, it was a pain in the neck to get what I was really after thanks to car restrictions.  More on this later.  Secondly was a visit to the pushchair floor to check out strollers.

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I love our Maxi Cosi travel system/pram.  It’s all terrain, 3 wheeler, and the buggy’s really comfortable for N.  But, I’d like a light stroller for when he’s a bit older, in particular for visits to places where I’d be on public transport.  That means it needs to be a one handed fold up really, without it being too light & flimsy that means he can’t sleep in it.

I’d done some research and wanted to see the Baby Jogger City Mini (expensive but great reviews), but Kiddicare only had the Micro version in.  It seemed pretty good and N enjoyed testing it out (bonus is it’s cheaper, but the hood’s not as big which means in the sun you still need a parasol etc).  Also looked at the only other one handed fold down stroller – a Graco.  Much to bulky and large, plus it’s a 4 wheeler and I’m a bit of a 3 wheeler fan.  So, I’m now on the look out for a bargain mini…ebay, Tesco, Gumtree, anywhere really, although I’ve found them on Amazon and there I have lots of online survey vouchers I can use.  Could take a few months before I’m happy that I’ve got enough vouchers, not to have to pay a fortune on the balance.

Back to car seats.  As N’s going to grow out of his car seat soon (weightwise and probably head height wise), I was looking to get a car seat which would go rear facing til at least a year, and then could be turned round to forward face.  Checked them out, really there’s only the Britax 1st class that works.  However, then mentioned that it would need to also go in a Discovery, and potentially my mum’s car…uh oh.  Nope, only about 3 forward facing seats fit in a Discovery!  Great.  So we’ve gone for the pretty much best selling Maxi-Cosi Tobi which is a lovely padded seat, good recline, and N seems to like it too.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t grow too quickly out of his existing rear facing one so he’s even stronger before having to go forward facing.  But, there was a bonus – I managed to get a ‘today only’ bargain with a non-boxed one off product, on top of the existing £40 off the RRP.

How did you do your pushchair and car seat shopping?

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