An unexpected sociable baby

My baby loves people…fact.

I reckon he gets bored of seeing the same person for more than a morning, so we try and get out and about as often as possible to give us both lots of variety.  I think that’s what’s helped him be the sociable little boy he’s been to date.

I don’t know where he gets it from though. While I’m good with small groups and 121 conversations, I’m not a great sociable person. The OH doesn’t mind meeting up with a few of his friends, but otherwise he doesn’t really like being around lots of people.

But N…bring on all the people.

If ever I have an evening out or day out, he’s happy to go to someone else’s house. While I had a daytime hen do to go it, he was off to my sister-in-law’s house, as it wass harvest time and his dad was working.  

He loves it there – as well as lots of cuddles, he has a 21ish month old and a 9 year old cousin there to play with and be entertained by.  I took lots of his usual toys/playgym to their house to make him feel at home (although he’s been there quite frequently so I think gets used to being in their house). Obviously he gets to play with some of his youngest cousins toys, but mostly he just likes to watch what the boys do.  And they like watching him.

He even had his lunch there (avocado, sandwiches, plum & strawberry – scoffed down), and was asleep in the youngest nephew’s cot by the time I returned.

He’s always been used to being around people at the farm too. All his cousins – he’s the youngest of 7 cousins, and meeting my friends and their babies. Nothing’s fazed him so far.

He’s so good.  No crying when I leave him (I think because there are usually other things to concentrate on and watch). Maybe a short cry before naptimes which is usual.  He’s a star.

I think that being used to visiting & stopping at other people’s houses, meant he settled well at nursery with no issues.

Did you have a sociable baby.

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