best of each age of childhood - Bubbablue and me

What’s the best thing about kids at every age

I have never really been a baby person, and hadn’t been around young children much before we had N. Strangely I wasn’t too worried about it – I think that comes with being an over 30 mum, having lived my life and having confidence in my ability to pick up most things (if I stayed relaxed). Luckily N was an easy baby, and so far up to age 7, all’s gone well without any traumatic stages. While I surprisingly did enjoy having a tiny baby, I was glad to see him growing in personality and ability. Once they’re potty trained, that’s my good stage.

It’s nice to look back at the different stages, to try and remember the good things about kids at every age. Because time does seem to speed up once you have children. Before long N will be at secondary school (4 years), driving a tractor (9 years) driving a car (10 years)…

best of each age of childhood - Bubbablue and me

The best things about kids at every age (so far)


Snuggles and the bonding stage
Having the time at home to spend with them
Weaning – we had a lot of fun with baby led weaning
Talking babies with friends going through the same stage
Laughing at the rolling and crawling stage, and then the wobbly walking attempts
Starting swimming

baby feet black and white

1 year old

The big development phase
Hearing their talking improve
Watching them enjoying food and feeding themselves without help
Walking and running, enjoying the outdoors
Seeing their personality develop

2 years old

The physical development – strength, riding balance bikes and scooters, running and climbing
More interaction
Better talking and them being willing to do what you ask
Learning from nursery what they’re like without you

3 years old

Stubbornness – seeing your personality in them
Play and exploration especially role play and them starting to make decisions
Making friends (kind of)
Potty training completed!

4 years old

Seeing more independence and opinions
They’re starting to look forward to things that are coming up
Becoming more assertive and having proper conversations (although slightly mixed up)
Starting school and settling in well
Gaining more confidence with new people
Learning to ride a proper bike

4 year old riding his bike round a lawn

5 years old

Making their own friends
Enthusiasm about new things they’re learning
Questioning everything, including things you wouldn’t think of like babies and relationships
Showing clear likes and dislikes
Becoming more confident in physical ability with encouragement

6 years old

Still have the cuddle stage and wanting to be close to us
Not being embarrassed yet about holding hands or still having teddy bears.
Becoming more defined in who they are
Hearing them talk about what’s right and wrong from what they see
Being more aware and having opinions on the world around them
Really grasping what they do well and better than others
Confidence in ability to read and write

7 years

Getting past the little boy stage.
Learning to negotiate more
Looks for the fun in everything
Reassures that he’s happy but allows for other people not to be and thinks of reasons why
Developing a strong sense of justice

11 years

Can be sensitive.
Increasing independence
Gets stuck in and tries hard
Settles well with little hassle into secondary school
Loves a holiday – hotel or B&B breakfasts especially
Enjoys cooking and has several meals that are always ‘his’ to cook.
Really cares for the animals in his care, and never stops trying to (poorly) negotiate being given more of his own.
When he commits to something like being in a sports team, he’s committed.
He’s pragmatic. When he’s let down, he doesn’t let it upset him (for much longer than a chat).
His ‘dancing’.

Going from someone who’s not really keen on children, I’ve really enjoyed seeing N grow up and be one of the people guiding him.

What’s been the age, you’ve enjoyed most with your children?

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  1. My daughter is 7 and yes she does still love a cuddle and that sense of justice is really coming through! She’s so independent now, it’s sad but lovely at the same time #SharingtheblogLove

  2. I was completely opposite in that I was overly confident when I had my first baby. The reality and a number of problem early on made the first few years very difficult. However, as he has grown, we have found an extremely strong bond and now at 7 he blows me away every day. He taught me so much about how no two children are the same, some are complicated and challenging and that bad behaviour isn’t just because they are naughty. I had two more babies that were more like your little boy and his stages but all individuals in their own way. #sharingthebloglove

    1. We’ve certainly been lucky in how easy it is. 7 is a great age though isn’t it. They’re getting opinionated with reasoning, and absorbing so much.

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  4. My favourite time is that period where they are potty trained and before they start school. Both my girls at this time were great company, it was easier to go and about as they also no longer napped. I’m in this period with Holly now and I’m soaking it up. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. I’m the same as you, I’m not really a baby person, but I’m finding lots to love about it all this time around. I love this post – there are so many things to love about every age, even if they have their difficulties that come alongside them. I love seeing their personalities and confidence develop, it’s really special to witness that happening. I always look back on each year we’ve had and think that that was my favourite age yet – I hope that continues! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Aww! I have a 5 (nearly 6) year old and 4 year old and an 11 month old so we have all the stages going on! Right now I’m finding the 4 year old hardest to deal with but no doubt things will switch around soon as they always do! #sharingthebloglove

  7. All the ages have something going for them. Even the teenage years as watching the Tubblet become her own person is inspiring as well as scary!

  8. Ahh! Every age has some really great things and they do grow up so quickly.
    I am really liking my girls at the ages they are now. 10 & 15. They still need be but are quite independent. x

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