Must watch my language

It’s now come to the point where I really need to start watching my language.  In particular in the car.  I really turn potty mouthed when driving, obviously due to the idiocy that appears to be quite a few road users these days.

Prior to this week I’d not been too worried as although N’s three, he’s not really copied me that much.  And even if his dad’s been teaching him to say embarrassing things like ‘you’re gawgus’, ‘totty’ and ‘phwoar’, mostly it’s not recognisable unless you know what he’s going on about.

But, the other day I had a bit of a wake up call.

We’d had our usual Sunday roast dinner over at the farm, and were sitting relaxing afterwards in the living room.  N had pottered over to play with the little toy grill and food that he enjoys role playing with.  He was bringing everyone bits of food and drink.  And then he brought Granny a cup.

‘Here’s a beer for you Granny’

‘I don’t want a beer today thank you’, so off he went to ‘make’ something different.

‘Here’s a cup of tea for you’

‘I don’t drink tea sweetheart’.  We all waited to see what he’d say…

‘For God’s sake’ and off he stomped.  Well, we were all in hysterics.  We just couldn’t believe he’d come out with it, for the first time in brilliant context.  Granny was almost doubled up in laughter

I was just relieved it wasn’t something much worse, although I’m not entirely sure who he’s got that phrase off.  Note to self is really to watch my language.

Have your children come out with any classic (potentially mortifying) phrases that you just wouldn’t expect?   But suspect they came from yourself?

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  1. ‘Flipping heck’ is a phrase that I’ve heard recently from the mouth of my little one. Oops!

  2. Hilarious. I could not stop laughing. 🙂 It’s true that very often we forget that little ones are watching every single word we say. And they are talented in storing and using it at right time. 🙂

    Sending smiles to your little man.

    1. Makes me laugh even now after a few days! I’m terrible, so need to get into practise at watching my language not just around him but others. Thanks for the smiles and the comment!

  3. Hehee the worst is having to stay stern-looking when you’re in fits of giggles 🙂 The Bug once said the F word in complete context, without realising it was a swear word! He was only 2! Thanks so much for joining in x

    1. Oh no. Nightmare. That’s the word I’m worried he’ll come out with. Must stop saying it!

      And I definitely know that stern look, just continuing with their serious ‘work’ or play without a second thought to us all laughing around him.

    1. It’s unbelievable. I think he takes after my husband in that sense – I always think he’s not listening, but months down the line he repeats something I told him.

  4. LP is like a sponge at the moment, soaking up everything we say! I know that soon I’ll have to start watching my language too – I am also at my worst in the car – LP often says ‘Naughty car Mummy!’ when I’ve shouted at someone! x

    1. At the moment in the car N either tells me to slow down or go faster. Or tells me when people don’t wave to say thanks for us waiting/pulling in for them etc. But I’m definitely going to have to bite my tongue more frequently. You just never know when they’re going to come out with something. Thanks for commenting

  5. This is hilarious! I just spit my coffee out. I am horrible in the car too I really need to be careful what I say with my road rage and recently during potty training I have been know to mumble a few words that I shouldn’t have and afterward praying he didn’t hear them, won’t repeat them in the future in public when I least expect it. They really are sponges! Great post. #funee

  6. I love it Emma. I almost just spit my coffee out. That is awesome. I am the same I really get going in the car road rage at people and lately during potty training I have mumbled a few bad ones too in ear shot. Praying afterwards that he didn’t hear, take notice and won’t bring it up again in the future in public. lol Love your post. #funee

    1. Thanks for such a nice comment.
      Until now I’ve not had to watch it, but I don’t recall having said that recently, so I’m now a bit concerned with what he’s going to come out with from further back. Oops. (Car rage is definitely my downfall)

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