Emma Tustian

I’m going to Britmums Live 2014

Name:  Emma

Emma Tustian

Blog: Bubbablue and me

Twitter ID: @Etusty

Height: 5ft 5

Hair: mid-ish brown (although will hopefully get round to dying it before then, so hopefully no greys or bad ‘ombre’ roots look going on)

Eyes: Green

Is this your first blogging conference?:

No.  I went to last year’s Britmums Live, and by then will also have been to Tots100 blogcamp in Birmingham)

Are you attending both days?:

Yes.  This is assuming I can get the OH to agree to have N for a full day and the overnight, as well as sorting out back up for the Saturday just in case.  My OH doesn’t do planning in advance being a farmer, and last year was a panic hence I only made the first day).  This year I have no excuse as I’ve been sponsored by Water Babies so have to be there!

What are you most looking forward to at Britmums Live 2014?

Meeting up with bloggers I missed last year or want to see this year.  I’m definitely planning on arranging to meet people instead of just ambling round and hoping.

What will you be wearing?

No idea at the moment.  Probably jeans, and whatever nice top I can find at the time.

What do you hope to gain from Britmums Live 2014?

Properly network with other bloggers rather than just inane chit chat (apologies to people I just randomly approached last year to introduce myself to!).  Get to more sessions as last year I only made the Friday – I’d like to get to some on design and photography, social media, and just picking up lots more ideas.

Do you have any tips to pass on to first timers?

Meet up with people beforehand.  Last year lots of us met beforehand at a coffee shop which meant making friends beforehand, and making it less scary.  Arrange times to meet up with blogger you specifically want to meet (hopefully they’ll want to meet me too!).  And look out for the Britmums butterflies group on Facebook as you’ll get ideas and get to talk to people going beforehand.

If you want to meet some other Britmums Live goers before you go, then add your link here and check out the others.

Thanks to Water Babies for sponsoring me to attend.  If you want to ask me any questions about our experience of swimming with them (or just generally meet me!), then I’m always happy to chat away.

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  1. I hope you get your childcare back up sorted.
    I will be the one who is completely overwhelmed and wondering around in a bit of a trance! x

    1. I hope so. Need to get my OH booked in so there’s no excuses. I shoudl think you won’t be the only one looking like that. I’ll be the one randomly starting conversations with people who look totally baffled at who I am!

    1. Yay, finally! Am meeting Kate Davis en route definitely on the way up to Birmingham – but will likely need to get the Paddington train to get to new street rather than Chiltern. For Britmums will be Chilterning down to Marylebone so we can definitely coordinate for that one if not Brum as well. Haven’t really thought about the April one yet! Still haven’t confirmed that the OH will have N all day. oops.

    1. Definitely. Last year I had a few people I wanted to meet, but this year there’s loads. Really must arrange properly, although I’m hoping that staying over and doing both days will help get to meet everyone!

  2. I have been mulling over whether or not to go on one of these conferences and I have to say, I’m really keen but just can’t take the plunge!

    1. So many people are worried about going, it’s one of those things you just have to dive in. But there’s lots of possible prep and meeting up you can do before hand. Or start with the one day events.

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