Meal Planning Monday: 11th February 2013

It’s the start of the week again.  I think the meal planning’s going really well.  Much better on the food waste, and easier for planning preparation throughout the day.  Not really seeming to get much cheaper when actually shopping, but I think that’s because I’ve had lots of nappies bought recently.

I’ve tried to work through food in the freezer and also everything stocked up in the larder, so we’re rapidly working our way through everything.  Also managing to stick to one shop a week.  Only if we need salad or extra milk do I need to nip out again.

Anyway, this week’s meals:

  • Mon – Mixed herb chicken (Maggi So Juicy pack which I received to test through a BzzAgent campaign),  Leftover chocolate & raspberry brownie
  • Tues – Leftover roast beef, jacket spuds, salad.  Pancakes!!!!!
  • Wed – Salmon & caraway seeds, Shoofly pie – recipe looks like a kind of treacle tart (that’s the plan, but will depend on whether OH likes that type of thing, otherwise may need to rethink)
  • Thur – Meatloaf.  
  • Fri – Sausage & onion tart (or just plain sausage and mash), Pavlova
  • Sat – Something pasta oriented.  Probably bake a cake, or maybe apple pie.  I found a bag of chopped cooking apples in the bottom of the freezer, so seems silly not to use them.
  • Sun – roast

I’m joining up as usual with Meal Planning Monday at ‘At Home with Mrs M’.  It’s a great place to find out other ideas for meals

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