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Party trick – tongue twister

My son is strange.  Or rather his tongue is strange.

He has a party trick already, at the age of 2!

He’s just started sticking his tongue out (not brilliant), but I’m intrigued.  He can make it into a (rounded) fork shape without doing too much to it.

Just odd.  Really odd.  And quite disturbing.

Practising his 'forked' tongue look tongue tie
Practising his ‘forked’ tongue look

But I can’t stop trying to get him to do it.

I can roll my tongue (remembers back to genetics biology class at school where we spent a double period talking about genes influencing whether you could roll it, and then practising), but don’t know anyone who can do the forked thing.

Maybe he’ll grow out of it….or maybe not.

What strange party tricks do your children have?

Edit: Turns out that N is slightly tongue tied – where the bit holding your tongue to the bottom of your mouth is shorter and restricts tongue movement.  You can read an update on his tongue tie and the process here.

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