The Colour Yellow

I seem to recall reading in one of the numerous ‘your child is now 2 years old’ email newsletters I received, that now N is 2, his memory will improve and he’ll be learning things like numbers and colours, and be able to remember them.

Hmm, let’s hope so as he’s not been that great at remembering them so far.  Or being interested in them.

Numbers are ok as we say them going up the stairs, count out grapes he’s given and the like.  He tends to say a lot of ‘3, 4’, or random numbers, although I was impressed the other day when he counted out (missing the 1) ‘2, 3, 4, 5’ ahead of the Tractor Ted dvd which counts the hay bales.  So not too worried about him eventually getting the hang of numbers.

But I’m sure by now he should have a better idea of colours.

As he’s learning single words, I’ve been describing colours of the items he’s learning: green tractor, red car, blue trousers etc.  He used to say green and yellow, with the occasional purple copying me when referring him to the purple star fish bath toy he has.

But now, it seems the colour yellow is the only colour he likes.

Everything is yellow.

I’m not entirely sure why, as there’re very few yellow items in our house or his wardrobe.

I’m not sure he’s really that fussed about learning the colours, although he’ll quite happily repeat the word after me.  Let’s hope he’ll pick them up soon, otherwise I’ll have to start doing ‘colour weeks’ where we concentrate on one colour at a time until they sink in.

Yellow splat

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