Running, running everywhere

N’s turned into a little runner.

Being a toddler, he runs everywhere.  Whatever he’s carrying, he tries to run with it.

Thumb in his mouth, and he’ll run.

It does worry me sometimes, as he’s not the most careful.  He’ll be watching something else while he runs.  Or he’ll be going so fast, that he can’t stop by the time he reaches the cupboard, door or wall.

The crashes don’t seem to bother him.  He’ll still run.  Although sometimes he does try some amusing stomping, tip-toeing and jumping as a means of getting somewhere.

The most annoying thing is when we’re shopping.  Of course, because I’m trying to chivvy him along, that’s when he’s on go slow.  And not just normal walking speed, but seriously slow speed.  Usually because he’s people watching and checking out everything that’s going on around him.

But running, that’s his favourite thing to do at the moment and I can’t see him stopping any time soon.

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    1. N’s worse inside. He just runs from one room to another, then up and down the living room. He’s nuts (but at least it explains his huge appetite at the moment!)

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