Mini Masterchef

I think I wrote recently about N enjoying ‘helping’ me cook.  Here’s the post if you missed it. He’s definitely a mini masterchef in the making.

I have to be so careful as now he thinks he’s a pro at using a knife to chop things (I give him a kids knife to use with his play doh) so leaving a sharp knife, even when I think it’s far enough away from him, is lethal.  The other day I turned round to find him wielding my big cook’s knife, trying to chop potatoes.

His favourite tool when we’re preparing main meals is the peeler.  It worries me as he always pushes it outwards, towards his hand, rather than towards himself.  So far he’s avoided peeling his own fingers, but it always looks really dangerous.  He does struggle but eventually he manages to get some peel off the carrot or potato.

peeling potatoes
Peeling potatoes.

He also has a tendency to keep peeling over the same place rather than rotating the potato to get all the peel off.  Oh well.  I reckon by the age of three, he might be able to prepare all my veg for me…although it would take forever.


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