N was so cute today.

He loves going to play at his youngest cousin’s on the days he goes there (not entirely sure he’s going to cope once the cousin starts school in September), and today was one of those days.

I’ve not been well so worked from home this morning…all fine, except I’d forgotten to pack extra nappies in his bag.  There was no way he’d only need 2 all day!

So my sister-in-law popped in on the way back from shopping to pick some up, and N was sitting in the back of car the looking so confused.  Firstly because they didn’t understand why they’d come to our house, and secondly why was I at home and not at work.  His cousin was sitting next to him and grabbed his hand to hold it.  It was though he was saying it’s ok.

He was perfectly happy then, saying ‘see you later’ and grinning away. No more confusion there, although what he was thinking I don’t know.

Here’s a snippet of N riding his cousin’s gator round their garden when I went to pick him up…nothing like a 2 year old in control of an electric vehicle!

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