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Nothing man…and no friends N

N does make me laugh sometimes…and exasperated.  He comes out with the funniest things, and he’s also already perfected the ability to not tell me anything about what happens at nursery.  At least at the moment, I have handovers from key workers so know what he does anyway, but it doesn’t bode well for me knowing when he goes to school in September.

We have various conversations on the way home from nursery.

Me: ‘Did you have a good day at nursery? What did you do?’

N: ‘Uh. Nothing’

Me: ‘Who did you play with today?’

N: ‘Noone. I played on my own’   Altogether now, ahhh.

Me: ‘I heard you went to forest school/you had drama/french.  What did you do or find out?’

N: ‘I didn’t.  Didn’t do anything’.   Hmph.

Me: ‘So you didn’t play with S in the sandpit/balance on the new log bridge/be an animal at the zoo’ (delete as appropriate)


N: ‘Yes’


Of course, then he starts waffling on about the moon, and when’s it going to be a crescent moon, and how the moon must go to sleep.  We don’t live on earth, we live on a farm.  Where does the moon go to bed etc.  I’m planning on a globe for his birthday or Christmas present so he can grasp the world is round and that the moon’s always there but it’s just not always our side of the earth.

We arrive home and find his dad there.  Typically, he’ll then have N jabbering on nonstop, telling him about what he had for tea, and who he played with, where they went outside, everything without prompting.

There are sometimes some lovely conversations though. This evening N wanted to go up to bed early.  I read him his story which we had a chuckle about (Triceratops in the Tree House), then I again asked him who he played with at nursery.  I actually got some great answers.  Who he played with, what he drew on his activity sheets (I was really proud at seeing what he brought home as he’d almost perfectly followed the straight and curvy lines, and coloured within the lines of the dog), and that they only played on the village green and not up at the school.  We then chatted about the fact that his cousin isn’t in the reception playground anymore because he’s moved up a class this year (N didn’t grasp that, thinking his cousin had gone to a different school).

A huge conversation followed by lots of cuddles and raspberry blowing kisses.  A perfect end to the day.

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  1. We are very much at the same stage with our eldest at the moment. For the last couple of weeks, he would reply ‘I don’t know’ when asked what he had done at school that day. So frustrating, so he doesn’t get to go on the wii unless he had told us. You should see how fast he comes out with what he has done now lol!!!

    Kids eh?

    1. Sounds like a good deal.

      I’ve been using the ‘do you want your friend to come and play on Friday?’ line when I need N to go and wee before going out or to bed.

  2. What are they teaching him at that nursery? How to be a teenage? :p

    He sounds cute though, I love how children view the world.

    Corinne x

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