Dandelion clocks

We generally tend to have Sunday dinner at the farm, but this week N was keen to get back home for some reason, rather than loitering and chilling out, annoying his Gramps while he’s trying to watch the news.

N was in his wellies and decided he was going to go wandering off under the apple trees to escape from me.  The trees are looking great at the moment with all the blossoms out, and they seem to be a lot larger and bushier than normal.

I spotted a dandelion clock so showed him how to blow the seeds off…well, he loved that, and went along the garden front picking them all.

dandelion clock
Blowing the dandelion clock…

He then spent a bit of time talking to the trees, and enjoying running under the ‘arches’ that the trees were creating.

talking to plants
Loving the shorts and wellies combo

Then as we were heading back inside, he pointed to the soil under the rose bush and said ‘the dog lies there’.  Err, what?  I’ve never seen any of the dogs lying under there.  It totally confused me as he said it a couple of times, until I remembered that one of the old dogs was buried there and the rose bush bought to plant over her.

I’m really hoping the OH told him that otherwise that’s really creepy.


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