Out and about at the Banbury Show

After a busy day out yesterday, today’s been more of the same with a few hours at at the Banbury Show.  We went last year and the weather was amazing, so I was optimistic for today.  Unfortunately it was a bit grey and gloomy this morning, although it has (after we got home), brightened up, so again it turned out to be a good day for it.

It’s a typical town show – lots of stalls (predominantly all the local charities so nothing very exciting as it’s much the same from stall to stall – not sure how much fundraising they actually manage), 2 arenas with various displays from dancing, to martial arts, marching bands, to stunt bike riders.  N was quite taken with the bike display although I’m hoping he doesn’t think doing the below on a quad bike is something he’ll be trying!

dog events, chickens and quad bike rolling
Fun and tricks…

They always have a gorgeous bakery stall (although I do wonder why they make the cakes so huge – especially when our family would always want something different for each of us).

Bakery stall
Yum, treats

I was a bit worried after soft play the other week, where N had been able to go on the merry-go-round as long as he wanted.  Of course he spotted the fairground rides, so I let him go on two of them.  He loved the car one although I’m not sure the ongoing rotation of the tea cups was for him.  He was the only one riding it, so I’m not really sure why the girl keep spinning him when he’s still pretty little, and she gave him a long ride on it.  Thankfully he’d not just eaten!

riding the merry go round
Check out his royal wave!
tea cups
Spinning tea cups…at the start having fun!

Trying to find something suitable, with a place to sit to eat it, is always quite hard.  I did debate taking a picnic, but it’s always debatable whether we’ll take the buggy or not so it means having to take extra bags.  Only a few places had tables (always safer than having a toddler sitting on the floor with lots of dogs roaming round), so N chose a hotdog.  Well, a sausage as I don’t think he understood what a hotdog was.   We then had to finish it off with an ice cream.  First time he’s ever had an ice cream for his own – he does have an issue with actually licking (his tongue tie or just that he prefers to shove the whole lot in his mouth?) so he ended up with an ice cream moustache and beard.

After a look at the owls and eagle display, and quick wander round again, and it was time to head home for his nap.  Although he swapped between walking and the pushchair, it obviously wiped him out as he was asleep on the 10 minute journey home.


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