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Present ideas by a 3 year old

N loves his youngest cousin.  They’re probably best friends aside from having best friends at nursery and school, even though there’s a couple of years age difference.  At the moment it’s the biggest gap as his cousin’s about to turn 6, while N won’t be 4 until January.

Sometimes when I watch them play together I do see the cousin looking at N and wondering why he’s not understanding what the game that’s been suggested.  But although the cousin’s now grown in maturity since starting school they do still love being together and playing.

cousins playing

N’s been invited to his cousin’s birthday party – a disco one, so that’ll be interesting if it’s semi darkness with lots of lights.  I’m sure he’ll love to dance and charge around with the older children.

I asked him what he wanted to give his cousin as a birthday present.  I thought he might say a tractor, or a sheep or a car, or something similar.  Instead, he took some time to think about it before saying

‘I think R would like a teddy bear’…more thinking.

‘I think I have a little bear I could give to him’.

So sweet.  Although I’m not sure a 6 year old would really be wanting a teddy bear for his birthday, even if it was from N.

He might be a bit off with presents for older children, but he’s got the present idea right for his Gramps.  N’s suggestion for his Gramps’ recent birthday was bottle of drink.  Spot on, as that’s our regular gift for him.

Maybe for Christmas, I should ask N to suggest presents for everyone.  It could make for interesting opening on Christmas Day!

Do your children come up with any creative or brilliant present ideas?

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  1. Ah that is so sweet! I love it when kids come out with cute things. My two were talking in the back of the car yesterday and Roo (7) said to Pickle (5), I know, I will buy you a sharks tooth for your Christmas present!! That followed him loosing the sharks teeth that he had just bought…5 minutes after buying it!!

  2. Mine just see what is on the TV ads and decide they want those lol – they never get them though 😉

    They always have some good ideas what they want to get each other or Daddy though and often I will let them choose presents x

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