cousins playing with John Deere gator

Project 365: photo a day week 43

Another week, another round up for Project 365.  And blimey, it’s been a hard one this week. I keep looking out for textures and interesting colours but I’m finding it difficult to find things to photograph.  We were also stuck inside some of the week as N’s had chicken pox (for the second time), so we’ve not really got out and about.

So what’ve we been up to?

Sunday, N’s cousin popped over for a quick play. It’s a case of popping out inbetween rain showers over the past couple of weeks. They do love playing together even though they’re 2+ years apart.

cousins playing with John Deere gator

Monday and N was getting over his ‘chicken pox’. The doctor said ‘well it could be any virus, but it’s probably chicken pox.  We just never know’.  I’m hoping that him having it fairly mildly again, doesn’t mean he’ll get it again.  He did enjoy this chocolate donut though!

eating chocolate donuts

Tuesday was another day of working from home for me while we waiting the last few spots to head off.  Even though it was cold and wet, N was determined to get outside for a play. The water table was calling him…he must have been so cold, but his gator needed washing.

watering and washing john deere gator

Wednesday, and N was driving me insane.  Just questions, not doing what he’s asked or told to do and generally getting in the way.  Story of the week really!  So I set him to work on peeling the vegetables.  I definitely recommend it for keeping children entertained.  He did carrots and potatoes (2 of each) all on his own, although we did end up with a square carrot instead of round.

peeling vegetables

Thursday I struggled with photos so this was the only one I got. N does like clambering all over his dad, although not sure that his tv watching position is good for the OH’s back.

Disco party

Friday was an inset day so I took the day off work. It didn’t end up being as fun as planned, as we had to do care home and hospital visit in the morning in the hope of sorting something out for our nan.  N did have a party to look forward to as it was his younger cousin’s 6th birthday.  N had been practising his ‘movy moves’ beforehand, but it took a long while for him to dance at the actual party.  I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the 5 and 6 year olds jumping around.  It was sweet how his cousin kept checking he was ok.  This photo was his cousin showing N the table.

24th Oct 2014 (Fri)

Saturday and it was a job getting N to get a move on.  While he was dawdling over breakfast I was planning recipes for the week and then doing our shopping list.  N spotted the churros, so it looks like we might be trying those tomorrow.

Reading at breakfast

Hoping to get more inspiration next week especially with today being the last day of summer.

What’ve you been up to this week?

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  1. Love the outdoor shot with the mini jeep, so cute. The Boy adores playing with his cousin who is 3 years older than him, I don’t think it matters if they’re close anyway.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    1. You’re right about the cousins. Couple of years is nothing, and his older cousins still enjoy helping him and playing with him – even the teens. We’re lucky having close family in relationship and distance.

  2. It’s the second week in a row of ‘questionable’ photos for me too! I love the ones of your boy playing outside, I think mine have all been indoors again 🙁 Cute photos of N with cousins this week.

    1. Always helps when they can get outside. So much easier to take photos. Mine indoors are always rubbish – not helped by a terracotta living room with orange sofas, giving everything a glow.

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