lemon and sugar pancakes

Project 365 2017 week 9 – It’s springtime

It’s week 9 of Project 365, and it’s been a bit easier taking photos again.  Helped of course, by springtime making itself heard with flowers coming into bloom.  I’m hoping March will be out like a lamb seeing yet more windy, stormy and rainy weather is interspersed with the sunny spells at the start of the month.

On Sunday, N had the craft supplies out again. There was glitter everywhere, so I decided to see if I could get any of the sparkle on my camera. There was great bokeh, but then I decided to try a water droplet photo experiment above the glitter. It was a bit rushed so I struggled to focus and was mostly using my phone. But I quite like the feel of this.

glitter macros

On Monday my brother popped over to say hi.  He loves having N to play with because it means he can play with all the toys we either didn’t have as children, or enjoy some creativity. This time it was Hama beads* which we all love.

plaiying with hama beads

On Tuesday it was pancake day so of course we had pancakes. I had to make one in the morning for N to take to school for their pancake race, but we had them properly in the evening. The topping of choice for us is traditional sugar and lemon)

lemon and sugar pancakes

On Wednesday I spotted my first sunrise in ages. At the moment it’s so light in the morning I’ve usually missed the sunrise (or maybe they’ve just been a bit rubbish).  I was pleased to catch this one though.

sunrise in March

It’s noticeable how much more writing N will do of his own accord. On Thursday, he said he was going to write a story, then it because a song (and the next day it was a story again).  His stories aren’t very adventurous, but I’m just pleased he’s happy and choosing to write.

writing songs

On Friday it was tennis.  They were meant to be back outside again after half term, but it was wet so they were back in the village hall.  N plays tennis twice a week and has done since September. His tennis is still inconsistent, but he does enjoy it.  What he doesn’t enjoy is the other 3 boys in his session who muck around, don’t listen, take up lots of the coaches’ time which means others miss out, and are just really irritating.

fun at tennis

On Saturday we actually had blue skies, sun and warmth. We spent a bit of time scooting and at the park in town before I had my hair appointment, then I wanted to get out on the farm to take flower photos. So N took his bike out.

running his bike

Project 365 logo

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  1. Traditional Toppings all the way here too 🙂 I love being an Aunt and also doing babysitting because I get to play with toys I didn’t have and make silly crafts. I love your first photo of the glitter and water, it does show the glittery-ness.

    1. I used to love cherry jubilee pancakes at Little Chef, so that would go down well, and I’m sure nutella and banana would be lush. But lemon and sugar is such a classic I don’t know why you’d bother with the rest! Plus the OH would look at me like a right nutter if I suggested something different!

    1. I’m hoping N will go up a group and back with the older ones, rather than being stuck with the reception/Y1 kids. He used to be with the older ones until they split them up further to go indoors for winter. That’ll get rid of the 2 worst ones. The other will probably move up with N, and hopefully will listen more to the male coach

  2. you would think if the parents are paying for the lessons they would want their kids to behave. Nice that N does.
    Miss my lemon on pancakes ( and other things) now I can only eat cooked fruit and no juices due to my food issues that kicked in when I hit the menopause.
    Sory or poem wont really matter the writing is the important bit.

  3. The writing’s only just happened recently. I don’t get any more than 3 sentences at a time though. I’ve tried to persuade him to build up a story over time, doing some each day, but he’s having none of that. So it’s a bit hit and miss.

  4. I missed pancake day, may try sometime this week and only lemon and sugar for me also. I’m now the aunty who gets to play with the toys and sneaky trips to the cinema with my niece because i want to see a movie

    1. That’s cool. We don’t really get to do that with ours, because they’re mostly a bit older now. But I do get to shop girly things for our niece/god-daughter at birthdays which is great.

  5. It’s great to hear about N doing all his writing. Love your glitter photo. It is annoying when other kids muck around in sport. Needless to say, it doesn’t get any better… There are still kids in my son’s football team who are disruptive when the coach is speaking.

    1. Oh joy, more annoying children to look out for. Thankfully in swimming they make the naughty ones sit on the side (there’s a pair of boy twins who are a nightmare in N’s class). They’re split up, have to sit out a width and back. And before half term, 1 was sent out of the lesson for not taking notice of his warning. There was only 5 mins left but he ran out crying. Didn’t do much good, he was a pain again this week.

  6. So nice to have a fun Uncle to play with. I have no idea what those beads are but have heard of them so I guess kids love them. #365

    1. Fun uncles are essential I think. N’s lucky – one who takes him metal detecting and plays in the evenings, and another who takes him out shepherding and looks after his sheep for him

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