selfie at Cornbury festival

Project 365 2017 week 27 and 28

It’s a fortnight of Project 365 for me this week. Going to Cornbury Festival last week didn’t leave me time to do it, and then I just didn’t get round to it over this week.  So here’s our week 27 and 28.

Week 27

As well as the intended new puppy, I discovered on Sunday, we also have 3 new farm kittens. Yes, yet more. This is the fluffiest of the bunch. The other 2 didn’t want to be photographed.

new kitten

On Monday, we had post school chats in the car. We always have a laugh about photos in the mirror and who can see who when the other hides.

through the car mirror

On Tuesday, I had a work conference. This was the first time it was held in the centre of Oxford rather than in a dull conference centre. We got the luxury of Oxford Town Hall and it’s amazing ceiling. I’m usually there dancing so don’t often see it in the daytime.

oxford town hall ceiling

On Wednesday N started writing his thank you letter to his teachers.  Let’s just say his teachers don’t have stubby legs, and this one now has orange ruled lines all over it and needs re-doing. Why is it that children seem to do some great work, and then scribble over it or cut it up to destroy it?

teacher thanks

On Thursday we spent a bit of time in the garden after school and work. The sun going down was pretty spectacular.

sunset clouds

On Friday it was tennis lessons. The club is in the park, and they’ve recently installed a zipwire, so the children all want to go on it before the lesson and afterwards.

zipwire fun

On Saturday, we headed to Cornbury Festival. It’s sad that it’s the last one, we had a great time even though we were only able to make it on the Saturday.

selfie at Cornbury festival

Week 28

On Sunday, it was a home day. I’d planned to go back to Cornbury while N went out on the farm, but we thought he’d want to nap after the last night previously so I needed to stay at home. But of course, in the end he snoozed on the tractor before heading into the garden to play and cut the grass.

cutting grass in the garden

On Monday, it was another evening in the garden.  Every year I love to take photos of next door’s roses through the fence.

roses through the fence

On Tuesday N wanted to play tennis. Let’s just say, he might have been playing tennis for a year, but he still doesn’t grasp the fact that playing on grass means serve and volley only. We didn’t last long before the ball went over the fence and he had to retrieve it.

tennis in the garden

On Wednesday, I was stuck in traffic and not going anywhere. For once I was able to actually grab a shot of this building in town.  There are some pretty gorgeous town houses down the main road into town. I really need to do a photo walk round to get shots of all the things I see as I drive through.

town houses against the sky

On Thursday, N walked back from the farm with all his school stuff (for once).  I lost sight of him out the front window, and located him in the back wandering around. Supposedly following the track of the mower. Strange child.

walkign round the garden

On Friday it was back on the zipwire again before tennis lessons. Finally N has actually grasped getting on the zipwire seat himself.  And has just about managed the run to get up to speed before jumping on. Thankfully he hasn’t yet tried the standing on the seat like some of the others have.

getting the hang of the zipwire

On Saturday N had a birthday party to go to at Pizza Express.  It worked out really well as I had a hair appointment after dropping him off, had time to pop in and get a puppy toy (couldn’t believe these pheasant and duck ones) before going to pick him up.

pheasant dog toys
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  1. that ceiling in the town hall is really impressive, I don’t expect you get to see it’s full glory during the evenings when the lights are on. The kitten looks a real cutie, are they tame? A dog toy doesn’t last more than 5 mins in our house with Bob.

  2. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks. The ceiling of the town hall certainly does look amazing!

  3. Love the photo of the roses through the fence, so pretty. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks, and I loved your post about the Festival, such a shame it’s the last one.

  4. Minky loves the zip wire and manages to get on by himself, a standing start and grips on precariously and knows he has to hold on really tight at the far end, only ever fell off once when I have had him out, he also knows to keep out the way when it swings back if he lets go and it runs off by itself.
    Lots of fun being had in the garden by the look of it.
    Glad you enjoyed the festival, a great day out for children as long as you can keep a very careful eye on them.

  5. I know what you mean about children destroying their good work. It’s happened so many times to us and it has driven me up the wall in the past.

    1. Must be a boy thing. I can’t believe girls would do it. So sad when it’s a lovely piece you’d want to keep (I wish he’d destroy the huge junk pieces he brings home!)

  6. Zipwires are so much fun! My teenagers still love them (actually, so does my husband… ). Love the photo of the roses through the fence and glad you had a good time at Cornbury.

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