after school brushing and sweeping up outside

School Days – half term run up

It feels like we’ve only just had the Easter holidays, but we’re already broken up for half term. Only another 6 ish weeks and it’ll be the summer holidays, and we’ll be off camping again.  Only another few weeks for N to be in year 1!

Supply teachers

This week N’s class 2 teacher was on a course for a couple of days, so they had a supply teacher in. According to N, Mrs W was very strict but nice and they did some bouncing balls work ‘because we’ve been doing bouncing for topic work’.  I think that’s the first time N has had a supply teacher since being at the school, so that’s not bad going by the teachers given it’s a small school and no leeway on moving staff around to cover.

School show

N always turns his nose up at those who ‘have to do choir’. Even though they must choose to do it.  But he loves to sing and whenever they have school assemblies or performances, I always get to hear him singing or humming away in the days beforehand.

I was so pleased because this time for the school singing show, he was able to sing in with Class 2, so in with all the year 1s. I think he also sang in with Class 1 too, which he said was going to be good because his few years 1s would get to be in 2 class performances while everyone else just got one.

He reckoned he was singing 3 songs as the class, but I only heard him practising 1 – Don’t stop (thinking about tomorrow).  I couldn’t make the performance because I’d put meetings in that day before I’d heard it was happening.  So it was a shame I didn’t see it, although N said it went well and he enjoyed it which is the main thing.

School photos

This week was the class photo day.  N’s school is one of those who does photos of the class grouped in 3s or 4s around the teacher or TAs.  Not my type of photo – and while you can buy the whole photo, you can also buy only the group your child is in. I never have done because he’s not been in a group with friends, so it seemed a bit strange buying them.

This year I think (he might not have relayed the information correctly) that his year 1s did a photo as a year group, rather than in with the foundation stage children. I’m pleased about that, but we’ll see what proofs turn up.

School shorts

N has finally deemed it warm enough for school shorts. Yay, finally.  I much prefer to see younger boys in shorts over trousers. Plus as a mum it means less washing because legs get muddy instead of trousers.

Reading level 7

N has come home with a level 7 reading book.  I’d expected it to be much harder for him, and N to plateau a bit like usual when he goes up a band. But so far so good. Well, when I can get him out of the garden and at the table to do some reading.

after school brushing and sweeping up outside
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