summer birkenstocks and picnic blankets

Project 365 2017 week 21

It’s week 21 of Project 365, and it’s been wonderful weather all week.  Unfortunately work got in the way of enjoying it, but we have been making the most of it in the evenings.

Here’s this week’s photos:

On Sunday, despite the warm weather N insisted on wearing his jumper.  His favourite activity this week has been weeding each evening. Our garden does need a lot of weeding, but we weren’t making a dent in it. It was lovely to be outside in the warmth though.

weeding the garden

On Monday, it was more evening time spent outside.  I caught N looking contemplative.

contemplation in the garden

On Tuesday you’ve guessed it, more time playing outside.  N decided the bushes growing under the fence from next door was going to be his new hiding place. We also said goodbye to the good frisbee. My brother managed to throw it straight over into next door’s garden on his first throw (showing off!). He did give us the frisbee in the first place, but very annoying given they never threw it back. I’m thinking the dogs must have had it because I can no longer see it where it landed.

hiding in the bushes

On Wednesday I finally got round to writing up my weird food combinations post. It’s been waiting for ages, and I wanted to add a Facebook video which I was quite pleased with.

apple and peanut butter

On Thursday we were outside again. My wild chives are taking over the garden again, but I do love them to photograph, plus they bring the bees in.

beas on wild chives in th egarden

On Friday it was an inset day and I took N to Bosworth Water Park to the beach. Yes, an inland beach – on one of the hottest days of the year.  Lovely to enjoy the sun and relax.  Although I dread to think how busy the place gets in the summer because it’s not that big, and it wasn’t an inset day for all schools.

summer birkenstocks and picnic blankets

On Saturday, it took a while to get sunny blue skies because we had a bit of a rain storm early morning and it stayed dull until the afternoon. It’s nice to have a bit of a breeze through the house. N says he has no imagination, but he’s always good at making box creations. I think this one was a rocket.

space rocket play
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  1. Friday would have been the perfect day for an inset day. So nice to enjoy the weather. My weeds are out of control too. I really need to blitz them this weekend.

  2. Ugh! It is so unfair that anyone has to work when the weather has been like it has been….
    What lovely photos! You have spent so much time outside which is great.
    hehehe! Good boy N for helping with the weeding.

  3. Love that N enjoys weeding! I hate doing it. It’s so annoying when stuff goes over the fence and doesn’t come back. And it’s always dads and uncles that do it, rather than kids!

  4. I love his rocket! Is that apple and peanut butter? I’ve heard that’s a great combination – must give it a go. The chives and bee photo is beautiful.

  5. we’ve moved a lot and by a lot i mean i’ve lived in 18 different houses, mainly in different towns and countries in my 45 years and every time we’ve moved there have been boxes and lots of them, the kids (all adults now) and I have always made tunnels, houses, stunt boxes to jump from a great height onto etc, you’re never too old to play in a box.

    1. Crikey I thought I’d lived in a lot at 11! Boxes are great – although I’m a bit sick of the ones he brings home from school (junk modelling)

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