clouds against a blue sky

Project 52 2020 week 37 – blue skies

This week was the first full week back at school and back at work. The week went pretty quickly – it’s strange how some weeks feel like they drag and others zoom by. Onto our week 37 for Project 52.

Sunday turned out to be a nice sunny day. We’d organised for N to play a bit of tennis with 2 friends from tennis, 2 usual culprits and one who has just moved up to their tennis group, who’s been playing a lot at the club over the summer with N. They played for about 25 minutes, then headed to the park, while one mum did her running, while the other 2 of us sat and chatted. The boys spent 2 hours together playing. Then a quick stop for lunch before N wanted to go and play at one of the boys’ houses. We headed there in the afternoon, and they played with nerf guns and on the trampoline, while I had a tour of their garden and we sat outside. It was such a lovely day, although it felt very luxurious having that much time to enjoy friends and the sun.

On Monday N was back in school again. The drop offs and pick ups are very efficient now, with single kids being picked up first, siblings 5 minutes later, and walkers or cyclists let out 5 minutes after that. It must be so hard for new parents coming in and not being able to meet fellow parents – by this time when we were reception, us mums had already been organising a night out, and we’d met already at the summer settling in session. N came home saying his knee was hurting, so I emailed school to pull him out of PE for the rest of the week in the hope it’d be better for the weekend’s match.

Another lovely day on Tuesday – we’ve definitely been treated with the good weather. Just a normal work day and school day.

Wednesday, I had a breather enjoying the garden while I worked. I don’t do enough of that, usually working pretty much through apart from pick up from school.

On Thursday N moaned his throat was hurting a bit and his tonsils were a little up on the right. We had a Meet the Teacher teams call, to let us know expectations for the year and homework etc. It was funny to see the parents online instead of face to face. As the annual meet the teacher is always straight after school I’ve never been to one so it was nice to experience it.

Friday N wasn’t feeling good and his tonsils were up with some spots on them. We decided to keep him off school, and he ended up having a 2 hour sleep. Thankfully his knee was better, but he wasn’t going to be able to play in the tennis match. I popped down to tennis training without him in the evening to see if I could find someone else to replace N in the team. There wasn’t but I was there for an hour chatting to various parents. I love tennis for being able to meet new people outside of school. They now have a full tennis group of 8 children, which means they can all play on doubles court together in training. Hopefully the group will be split into age/ability as it’s a mixed orange and older green group.

Saturday I had an early hair appointment complete with mask wearing and a hairdresser with mask and visor. My first cut since January – my appointment had been 2 weeks into lockdown, so it was very tangled and straggly. It’s been cut a bit shorter than I’d wanted, but it does feel so much nicer. Hopefully I’ll now shed a bit less hair than I have been doing although can’t now tie it up.

I also checked out the new food hall place in the shopping centre. It’s only got half the stalls filled at the moment, but is like a posh indoor market with good quality food, farmer’s market style. There’s been a lot of moaning in the local Facebook group because of the prices, but there’s a Lidl coming to the town as well as there being all the supermarkets except Asda, so it’ll be nice to have somewhere with good quality local produce in the town centre, as well as the farm shops outside.

Then it was the first orange tennis match in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day for playing in the sun. N came along to help set up and take scores. Our 3 players were all playing their first ever matches and they did a good job against match experienced players. They all got the hang of playing doubles, better understanding on serving and scoring, and did some credible playing. All said they enjoyed it – it’s just a shame we have 5 players, one of whom played at number one but came in after people were already booked in for matches, so this was the only one there was a gap for her. If there are any more illnesses, then hopefully she’ll get to play. It was weird not having N playing but still captaining, but I do love doing it. I think it was good for N to watch his team mates and the other players play. It’s good for him to recognise things that each of them could improve on and hopefully relate that to things he needs to work on too.

Hopefully he’ll be much better tomorrow and then be back on form for school on Monday.

This week’s Project 52 photo was taken of the blue skies at home. I love my widescreen option on my phone, it makes the sky look so immense compared with the trees.

clouds against a blue sky

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    1. It helps having a small school. If 20 kids are in after school clubs, it’s only a max of 50-60 cars (allowing for locals walking) to get through, so easily done in 15-20 mins. 4-5 teachers taking kids from cars/putting in, it’s so fast.

  1. Oh no, not more tonsillitis troubles … but, thinking about it, I suppose this is one of the worst times after going back to school. Glad the tennis went well, even if he couldn’t play. School pick up sounds well organised – I’m glad they’ve found a system that works 🙂

    1. I’m relieved about the pick ups. The other day I was a minute early, so had to park, then drive back out and in again to the pick up zone which was a faff, but it’s working well. Thankfully the tonsillitis was a mild bout.

  2. I am still trying to work out the school run, as Harry is in reception I was hoping to make contact with some of the other mums. But it is difficult! Sounds like tennis is going really well. Sorry about the tonsillitis again… I am also addicted the wide-angle on mine too. especially when the sun is shining – so pretty.

  3. The food hall sounds great, love to mooch around places like that with decent quality food. Your right about school being very different for new parents. Mine are in secondary school so it hasn’t been an issue for me but I could imagine starting out it would have made things much more daunting.

  4. Beautiful skyline! As you said, it looks immense. Our school’s pick up/drop off is getting smoother after the first few rather confusing days. I don’t particularly miss not talking to anyone, and even prefer that, with the short time slots we don’t have to wait for long, grab the child and go.

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely Sunday. The school run is a bit strange isn’t it? I hope N feels better soon x

  6. Lovely for N to get to play with his friends after tennis and lovely for you to have some adult company also. Hope N’s feeling better. Must be nice to be more involved with school with pick ups and parent/teacher meetings. I bet you feel like a new woman having had your hair done, I know I did

    1. I did, although she cut off way too much compared with what I asked for, so now I’m home I don’t really like it. Doesn’t look good straight or just left, so have to curl it every day. I think I”m going to change which hairdresser cuts my hair, although II’ll end up paying more and not too keen to do that.

  7. It sounds like you had a lovely Sunday. It is nice to be with friends.
    I am quite glad I don’t have to do the school run anymore. It all sounds so strange.
    I hope N feels better soon.
    Fantastic photo! The sky really does look amazing. x

  8. Oh no re the tonsil flare up and that he couldn’t play the match! Hope he feels better soon.

    It has been strange with the school pick ups and drop offs! The timings are staggered which has eased the traffic slightly which is a bonus….

    The sky looks so pretty!

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