Weird food combinations that taste great - Bubbablue and me

Weird food combinations that taste great

I admit, I love food.  Plain food, not fussy posh restaurant food. Good simple meals, good quality food, with too much sweet stuff.  It’s my failing.  (I do have some food vices as well, but we’ll pass over that quickly) Recently I’ve noticed a lot of friends eating ‘strange’ food combinations for snacks or meals.  And it got me thinking about the odd mix of flavours that I like.

Hence the weird food combinations post.  Because everyone has something a bit quirky.  What’s weird is that some people like really odd combinations when they aren’t pregnant.  I didn’t get any pregnancy cravings, so maybe tastes just change or learn to like new combinations.

Weird food combinations that taste great - Bubbablue and me

Weird food combinations that taste great

Frozen peas and lemonade – just pour the lemonade over.  The peas go a bit fizzy and the cold slightly frozen peas a different to eat too.

Peanut butter and jelly (seedless jam!) – classic combination although many people think it’s odd.

Strawberries and balsamic vinegar or black pepper – they really bring out the strawberry flavour, just don’t put too much on.

Apple and cheese – sliced apple with cheese in a sandwich or on crackers is delicious

Apple and peanut butter – the dry of the peanut butter with the juicy apple makes a great snack

Celery and peanut butter – if you’re not keen on celery it’s a great way to get a healthy snack.  It’s the bitter against the nuttiness that’s nice

Chocolate and cheese – odd but seems to work, I think it’s the smoothness of the chocolate melting over the cheese in the mouth

Salted crisps and nutella – you could even make a nutella dip (or just use the Philadelphia chocolate spread if it still exists)

Breadsticks and nutella – the dry and savoury against the sweet

Chocolate pasta – I have a random leftovers recipe book and it recommended coating cooked pasta in melted chocolate.  One way to use up leftovers, although it is definitely a little odd

Yorkshire pudding, golden syrup and cream.  Or Yorkshire pudding with berry conserve or fruit pie filling. Weird I know, and the OH will not eat Yorkshire pudding as a sweet dish, but it does taste good.  If totally unhealthy!

Cinnamon on toast – just a sprinkling with butter, or add on a little icing sugar instead to the hot toast before sprinkling the cinnamon on

Chicken and cherries – I had ‘black forest chicken’ when we were in a grill house in New Zealand. Totally random I thought, but the fruit went really well with it.

Bacon and jelly (seedless jam again) – like maple syrup, it’s the sweet vs salty that goes so well. Perfect on toast or pancakes.


Just thinking about these reminds me I’ve not had most of them in a very long time.  I also asked other bloggers what weird food combinations they like.  And some were even stranger than mine!

Bloggers’ strange food combos

Claire from Foodie Quine likes Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Walkers ready salted crisps saying they’re ‘absolutely delicious eaten together!’.  Obviously very particular with her brands, but I know when I worked at Cadbury consumer groups did like salty and sweet together if they were having movie nights etc.

Claire also likes smoked salmon and lemon curd.  I’m not a fan of salmon so won’t be trying that myself.

Helen from The Crazy Kitchen swears by cheese, banana, chilli and mango chutney toasties.  Interesting combo – quite like the idea of cheese and banana together.

Kate from Counting to Ten likes Philadelphia cream cheese covered in sweet chilli sauce.  I’d second that – great for having as a dip

Sarah from The Herniman House likes French fries dipped in strawberry milkshake, saying it’s ‘delicious’

Tas from Not my Year Off opted for a an indian british twist using coleslaw with biryani when she ran out of yoghurt.  Supposedly an amazing combination.

Lindsay from Newcastle Family Life opted for a northern favourite, pease pudding on crumpets.  Anyone else not tried pease pudding before?  raises hand

Jennifer from Jennifers little world likes cooked frozen peas with cold yoghurt.  It’s the cold and hot coming out again as a favourite.

Kristine from Max and Kai loves cheese and chocolate spread toasties.  I can just imagine the melted cheese against the chocolate. Gooey.

There were also  a lot of marmite combinations, but I can’t abide marmite, so that’s just odd in itself!

Maybe it’s more normal to have a love for some strange combinations, a bit of creativity in the kitchen is probably how many dishes started out.

What weird food combinations do you like?  What do you think of some of these?

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  1. I’m intrigued by the Yorkshire pudding, golden syrup and cream! I like cream cheese and mango..! #thelistlinky

  2. I am so not adventurous when it comes to food. I’ve heard chocolate & cheese go well though, and I love peanut butter & celery!

    1. It’s a great snack isn’t it. I’m really fussy, so while I will eat a range of foods, there’s also a lot I really can’t stand.

    1. I can see the theory on that one, and I don’t mind bacon and maple syrup but I do prefer my bacon with nothing else on it.

  3. Some of these I can imagine, I like the sound of breadsticks and nutella, but some of these don’t appeal at all! Thank you for including mine, I’m craving yoghurt and peas now!

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