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Introduction to recorder playing – Project 52

This week’s been back to normal after last week’s being off school for a couple of days. N’s rash went by Monday – just a bit on his arms were left.  The most exciting part for N was starting to play the recorder they’ve all been given..

He’s not been that impressed with the music choice so far. It’s been painful with him struggling to get his 3rd finger on the whole of the G hole.  He wasn’t impressed with my recorder playing either, despite the fact I’d dug it out from my childhood days.

We did end of the week with him being moved up to stage 4 swimming class next term, and had a day at MK Dons enjoying some family activities they put on, and then watching our first live football match.

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  1. aaahhh the good old recorder, I opted to play it at school rather than singing at assembly in the mornings.

  2. Glad to hear N’s rash is gone, they are worrying, and you are back to normal. I played the recorder at school, but not since. My oldest plays the trumpet at school. x

  3. Glad to hear N’s rash is gone, and you are back to normal. I’ve never played a recorder, and wouldn’t know where to start. Eddie picked a guitar as his instrument for music lessons at school, and so far seems to be enjoying it.

    1. I think N would quite like guitar, or percussion as he really likes rock (I’d opt for percussion because there’s more options for orchestras and bands too, plus the variety), but guitar is more practical.

  4. Ah well, the reading music is the issue. I have my piano and can just about work out notes, but it’s painful. Recorder isn’t too bad, I remember most of it – but clarinet which was my main instrument I would struggle a lot more with. I need to track down my mum’s old recorder books but I think they’re in the roof in my clarinet music case. I tried some random clarinet music I found in the piano stool but it’s all the wrong key. It’s very strange going back to it.

  5. Well done to N for moving up to his swimming class. Good luck to him with the recorder. I’m not looking forward to going through that stage with Jessica!

  6. Oh my! The sight of the recorer is like a blast from the past. I went to a school where we all had to learn to play the recorder and read music (I was terrible at both). I’m sure N will soon get the hang of hole G.


    1. Lol, thanks. Must be a fluke as I just snapped where it was. Do need a new tablecloth though, this one’s ripped and has paint splodges in patches.

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