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School days – recorder playing and Easter service

This week’s School Days was full of excitment and N getting a little narky about whether or not their class were prepared for the Easter church service on Friday.

Here’s what he got up to this week.

VIP again

N seems to be getting on well with english. He enjoys grammar (it must be the black and white nature of it), although gets a little mixed up with terminology sometimes.  But he was given VIP again for his english one day, for answering lots of questions. I’m surprised (and pleased) that he puts his hand up in class. I was the opposite, being really shy and would avoid doing so, even though I knew the answer.

He’s also been starting to write a picture book story this weekend, so he’s getting more confident (although is still limited in what he’ll actually write).

Recorder playing

N came home with his recorder each day and was practising. It’s still painful because he doesn’t get his fingers properly over the holes. But he’s keen and we have been talking about possible instrument lessons they can do at school.  You never know, by next school year he might be open to trying something out.

descant recorder, learning to play recorder

Easter church service

I had Friday off work, so was able to get to the church service. There was no ‘Spring Chicken’ song this year. We had it a lot last year, so maybe they do it on a 2 or 3 year rotation to avoid it getting to much.

N’s class were reading a poem. He was very worried that they didn’t get their lines until Tuesday or Wednesday. But it was fine in the end, and he knew his 1 line perfectly.

I find it really interesting seeing what the other classes do and the differences of ability between not only the classes, but within them.

Junk modelling

I thought we were over junk modelling after N left Class 1. But it seems he still likes sticking boxes together. This time he came home from after school club complete with a ‘kitchen/cafe based in an airport where people could park their planes on the roof. Supposedly his friend had made a living room to go with it.

I’m now working on a way to throw it out without him noticing!

junk modelling kitchen cafe

Swimming progression

Swimming in school as well as in his Saturday lessons has really helped N progress. He still can’t do 25 metres on his front (yet), but is good on everything they’re asked to do in the lessons, so he’s moving up to stage 4.  There’s 2 that we know are moving up, but I think there should be another 2 moving up as well.  N reckoned all of them were moving, but some are terrible, won’t jump in, can’t pick something up off the bottom of the pool, and don’t have strong strokes on front or back. So I’m presuming it’s just the 4 of them moving up.

What was your school week like?

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  1. A great post full of some of my favorite things and what a creative kid you have. He will be up to 25 meters in no time, maybe changing up strokes will help if that’s allowed. I had so much fun with the recorder and now is the time to keep up the love of music cuz it only gets harder the older we get. And that little instrument helps with reading and developing a love of music.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping on the recorder side. His swimming they have to to 25m on front and back. He’s fine on his back, and should be able to do on his front too but he just doesn’t have the competitive spirit/determination to keep going compared with the others. They’re only just learning breast stroke, so he has to do front crawl (or as near as that as they do at his age!)

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