Enjoying garden relaxation - Bubbablue and me

Enjoying garden relaxation

This week has been bliss in our corner of the UK. The sunny warmth has arrived, meaning after school and work we’ve been spending time outside, relaxing in the garden.

I say relaxing but it’s not really because N has been keen to do some gardening. But we’ve definitely been enjoying the sunshine and warmth, which is still in the 20 degrees Cs at 7pm. It certainly feels like summer.

Enjoying garden relaxation - Bubbablue and me

I’m not a gardener at all. My wall has a lot of weeds in (I think, although they could be the flowers coming up), there’s dandelions all over the patio gravel and around the side of the house. The wild chives are looking beautiful, although are yet again taking over. And my poor mini rose bushes are also being taken over by them.

beas on wild chives in th egarden

N’s favourite part is getting out his scissors and trying to cut as much of the grass as possible around the edges. I suppose buying him some edging shears would be a handy way of getting him to do my gardening. This week though, we’ve been attempting to do some weeding.

weeding in buckets
weeding the patio

After 6 journeys to the corner where cut grass is left with his weeding bucket, and 3 evenings of weeding, the garden still doesn’t look like we’ve cleared anything. I think really we could do with getting in a professional to do a bit clear and tidy of the garden, plus cut in a border and start me off with some flowers that are easy to deal with. The OH does sometimes go round and spray off all the weeds on the patio but he’s not done it this year.

One weed that is looking pretty is the buttercup invasion. We’ve rarely had them in the garden in the past, but this year they’re also invading. Not just around the edges but in the grass as well. Usually my father in law is the person who mows the lawn on the ride on mower. But because he’s had an op, he’s still taking it easy, so it’s not been cut as frequently as he would usually do it.

As well as weeding and just mooching in the garden, we’ve had the frisbee out. I’m determined to get N throwing a frisbee properly this year but given my brother turned up and with his first throw sailed it straight over into next door’s garden. Sigh.

clearing up the garden
after school brushing and sweeping up outside
shooting arrows in the garden

It’s been lovely to sit out in the garden and just relax and chill. No pressure (except for the nagging that N needed to do his reading) and just an hour outside somehow feels like it’s a lot longer.

riding a too small tractor
hiding in the bushes

Hopefully there’ll be more good weather over the half term break so we can enjoy sitting out and enjoying some more garden relaxation.

How do you enjoy the after school and after work time?

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  1. What a beautiful place – looks like a brilliant garden for children! And what perfect weather for being outdoors. #countrykids

  2. I’m no gardener but I’m with you and the weeds – need to get rid but they’re taking over in our garden!
    Your garden looks so lovely because you’re on the farm you also have so much ‘green’ space – our garden is full of flowers and scrubs. One thing I want to do this year is remodel ours. still, it’s just lovely for the children to have their own outdoor space and to enjoy it.

  3. It’s lovely to be able to get outside and enjoy being in the garden isn’t it? The weeds are taking over in our garden too – we have a bit of a meadow at the moment as hubby has been away and he’s the only one who can manage the big heavy lawnmower we have. Love the N enjoys joining in and helping with the gardening 🙂 #countrykids

  4. Oh I hope that the weather improves this weekend we are due a relax in the garden. I think N is doing a great job with the weeding. I am thinking I may suggest it to Monkey!!! 🙂 #CountryKids

  5. What a wonderful young man. He looks such a delight. I especially love him trimming the edges with his scissors. #countrykids

  6. I’m no gardener so prefer to watch the beauties burst forth and leave the hard work to my hubby to tend to. #CountryKids

  7. I’m not a gardener either. But my husband loves gardening and so does T. I tend to over-water the plants, especially our indoor ones. I love how much space you have in your garden 🙂 #countrykids

    1. I’m bad on watering. Plants inside get over watered, outside, I rely on the rain. My OH doesn’t garden either, I think his parents despair when they look over and see our garden next to theirs

  8. Fingers crossed you had the sun over the half term too, in between the thunderstorms we’ve had some gorgeous days. I never manage to sit in the garden but we have been out and a bout a fair bit. I need to lend you Friday our pet lamb, he has eaten all my chives and I only have stumps left! He is finally out in the field now permanently but I’m not sure my chives won’t recover this year. Love all the photos of N just potting around the garden from weeding to playing, he does look very content in the summer sun.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Oh dear, yes I could do with Friday to trim them under control lol. Our weather over half term was lovely. Only a couple of rain showers so it was all good.

  9. Oh wow, your garden looks fantastic for little ones to play in. It’s lovely when they want to help do garden chores

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