park benches lined up along a path

Project 52 2022 week 7

It’s been a weird week this week on the weather side. Ending in an extremely stormy Friday, and a wet and windy weekend. I’m looking forward to have much of half term off next week too.

Here’s our week 7 of Project 52.

Sunday and N was feeling a lot better. No headache and he had his second negative test, so out of isolation and ready to go back to school the next day. It felt so nice to have him back downstairs with us like normal, no masks indoors, and to get and give a hug. He was pleased to have access to the fridge as normal!

On Monday it was back to school for N. We cancelled his tennis as we weren’t sure how tired he’d be after a week off school. He’d have been fine though – you’d not have realised he’d been ill for a week!  Work was slightly quieter than last week thankfully. I’m trying to get things ticked off before half term.

Tuesday was miserable with lots of heavy rain showers inbetween blue skies. We didn’t get up to much more other than work and school.

On Wednesday it was more work and school. N was pleased because he got all his catch up work finished from being off.  In the evening he had tennis. It was a bit windy, but they still managed to play. It was lovely as I had over half an hour of walking still in daylight. I discovered there’s a pond behind one part of the hedge that I’d never noticed before.  Tennis is so handy for me bumping my steps up.

Thursday was bliss although not as productive as I’d hoped. I had a flexi day off work, and had decided to visit Leamington for the day so I could visit Bravissimo. I headed there straight after school drop off, then went for a long walk around Jephson Gardens and around the town. I managed to get the 2 bras I’ve been searching for, and had a mooch round the other shops. I did get the work boots N always has – our town Sports Direct didn’t have the next size up he wanted, and my online order was cancelled due to them being out of stock. Instead, the small Leamington store had some in. Phew. £34 is much more acceptable than £64 if I’d had to buy from anywhere else.

The afternoon I did the supermarkets I rarely get to visit – Asda, and then Sainsbury’s. As well as checking out various places on the retail park. At home I had some time to potter, read a bit of my book, do some exercise and watch some of the Olympics to catch up on before picking N up from football club.

On Friday N had non uniform day and the last of their tests.  Thanks to Storm Eunice most schools in the county were closed, except for ours! It did mean they had to stay indoors. The wind was pretty terrifying being at home alone. It’s blustery at the best of times here because we’re so exposed. From 8 til about 5 the wind was nuts. I’d not been able to bring the table tennis table in. It seemed ok as it was against a wall, but after the picnic table flew across the patio, the table tennis table fell over too. I managed to move the 2 halves over on their sides onto the gravel and they stayed safe there. It was a shame I’d not been able to manage the patio door and bringing them indoors beforehand.  Bizarrely our 3 bins all stayed upright and in place which I’d not expected. Tennis was obviously cancelled.

Saturday was made up of lots of little jobs. Picking up a few bits in town, posting things, watching the ice skating. And starting to think about our few days holiday we’re booked on after Easter. Any tips for things to see and do with an 11 year old in Pembrokeshire are welcome.

park benches lined up along a path

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  1. Glad to hear N is feeling better. Sounds like a nice day off you got a lot done. We were travelling to Spain when the storm hit, good that you managed to save the table tennis table.

  2. Glad N is feeling better and was able to be back at school. The wind was pretty bad here with Storm Eunice – I can imagine it must have been worse being somewhere more exposed. Glad you managed to move the picnic table and table tennis table on to the gravel and they stayed put after that. Lovely to have a holiday to look forward to. #project365

  3. Glad N is feeling better, shame he missed tennis again due to the weather. Glad you rescued the table tennis table. I moved our bins to the front of the house in a sheltered spot and 1 chair blew over. Local schools all open here

  4. I am glad N is feeling better.
    It sounds like you had a fantastic day on Thursday.
    The wind wasn’t that bad here until Friday afternoon and since then we’ve had rain, snow and more wind. x

  5. Glad to hear that N is back to school. Our schools were shut and I am glad they were as there was debris flying everywhere. hope you enjoy half term

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