tween boys and shorts in all weather

Tween boys wearing shorts in all weathers

Boys are strange creatures. This year, the last year of primary school, has seen the change with more boys wearing shorts in all weathers. And it seems to be a prevalent amongst many of the boys in N’s class, both his year group and the one below.

tween boys and shorts in all weather

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There have always been a couple of boys who’ve worn shorts all year, but this year N’s joined them, as well as a few others.

I just wish I’d known in advance this would happen. While I’ve stopped buying more than a couple of pairs or jeans or trousers for him in a size for out of school, that’s not the case for school uniform*. Yes, he’s been wearing school shorts since Year 5 Easter. Before that, he was still squeezing himself into old too small size school trousers, despite me having already stocked up on next size up for Year 5 which would also probably still fit this year.

Except they never got worn. And this school year he’s worn trousers on 1 day which had a snow threat. But he’s since reverted back to the shorts. I suppose at least the shorts are getting worn. Unlike the age 8-9 shorts that was unworn because they were ‘too big’ in year 3 (not really but he insisted). Then Covid lockdowns hit, so by the time it was summer year 5 and time for shorts again, they were too small.

This year the trousers are the ones not being worn again.

I just know that they’re sitting in his wardrobe, and with a mild winter so far, there’s very little chance of them being worn. Even more frustrating when he won’t be able to wear them for secondary school; neither of the 2 schools he’ll end up at have grey trousers. He’ll move to black trousers.

Such a shame when they’re nice M&S trousers, not cheap ones. Oh well, at least I’ll get some money back for them because I’ll be able to sell them on Vinted.

At home he generally wears shorts too. Sports shorts of course, although he will wear joggers for tennis now. But that’s only because his lessons are in the evening and it’s colder then. At home, or going shopping, or out for the day, he’ll still insist on shorts unless I get really stroppy about how cold it is. Then he might decide on joggers (but go on about how hot he is).

My question like so many other parents during winter, is why do boys suddenly insist on only wearing shorts.

It seems to be a thing with tween boys.

Some say boys can feel warmer due to the testosterone they have.

Others just prefer the comfort of shorts.

I think some is down to wanting to be seen as in with the cool kids. To be seen as a bit tough and ‘manly’.

They want to assert their independence and make their own choices.

I’m hoping that when the weather turns cold, he is sensible and does add trousers for school. But at the moment he’s happy enough. And UK cold temperatures is never going to be dangerously freezing enough to not wear trousers.

Are your boys the same?

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  1. My nephew was the same. He would wear shorts in all weathers between the ages of about 10 and 16. It really must be a boy thing but my youngest only wears a coat when I force her.
    I bet it is so frustrating when you have bought the trousers. I had similar years ago when my girls decided they wanted to wear skirts for school, wore them once and went back to trousers. Grr!

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