new blue wellies

Buying new wellies suitable for welly wangling

Buying new wellies is always exciting for children.  But not so much for me.

N tends to have 2 pairs on the go at once.  One pair left at nursery ready for forest school at any time, and another pair at home, which then get taken to the other nursery if it’s muddy or wet.

Out of choice, N would wear his wellies all day every day.  Personally I can’t think of anything worse, and surely it can’t be good for his feet.  It’s definitely not great for his legs when he doesn’t tuck in his trousers or wears shorts and the tops rub against his legs.

So far he’s always had fun wellies.  Whether they’re Clarks Doodles, or whatever other brand or own label welly I’ve found, they’ve been the patterned ones.  I did buy him a pair of plain navy ones for nursery at a nearly new sale, because at £2, it would have been silly not to.  But a few weeks ago I discovered that the reason why he was getting one wet foot wasn’t because he’d been jumping lop-sided into puddles, but because he had a hole in one of them.  So we had the joy of trying to find somewhere that sold wellies approaching summer…

I always tend to check Brantano first because they were more likely to have them, and cheaper than going to a garden centre where they were more likely to stock expensive brands.  Of course there were lots to choose from, but very few in N’s size.  At least not of any of the designs that either N would like or I would want him to have.  Is it just me not keen on garish character clothing or shoes?  I don’t like skulls, don’t want Peppa Pig or Spiderman, and don’t want hideous colours.  Luckily for me, the ones that N wanted, didn’t have his size in.

But then I was worried we’d have to trawl round more shops to find wellies out of season.  Thankfully I spotted some plain wellies on the end of the aisle, and they had N’s size in the navy blue.

new blue wellies

They’re also proper big boy wellies, long so they’re a proper welly length.  None of this flapping around his calves.  And I’m thinking they may be good for a spot of welly wangling due to the longer leg length – more grabbing space!

wellies in action building dens

N was chuffed that he now has proper grown up wellies like his 6 year old cousin, and he’s wanted to wear them all the time.  I’m trying to wean him onto his sandals but this year I’m not having much luck so far.

Did your children go through a welly wearing phase?  What colours do they have?

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  1. Aww you spoilsport – It’s all about garish characters here hahaha!! Love the navy ones too though. They definitely look more Farmer’s Son than Syd’s Peppa Pig ones do hehe!! 😉 #TT_Thursday

    1. Oh, N would absolutely love Peppa Pig wellies. Thankfully he didn’t notice those, although they did seem to be smaller sizes.

  2. Its all about the wellies right now, my kids always seem to be in them too! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. Love N’s new wellies and that length is great – proper big boy wellies there! My two love wearing wellies too. Sophie has Jessica’s old pink Hello Kitty wellies and Jessica has plain yellow ones which were a bit of a problem at preschool as despite being labelled, she kept coming home wearing another child’s wellies (which were the wrong size) and one day ended up coming home in one of hers and one of someone else’s. Since then, I’ve personalised them by drawing a smiley face on the toes and she loves it because she now has wellies just like Bing Bunny from CBeebies! 🙂

  4. I always have wellies in for me for the school run, I hate wet feet, and for my daughter usually in a cute sparkly pink or with accessories on and I always buy them them at the end of season in the sale last few times primark for £2 #TT_Thursday

    1. Oh I do wish we had a Primark nearby just for things like this. We’re due to get one although out of town which isn’t great for the town centre, but nice to have the choice on occasion

  5. We always have two pairs for the same reasons as you and I quite like buying wellies, they don’t seem as expensive as other shoes and are usually a lot brighter coloured x

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