showing a pecan praline without sugar

Project 52 2022 week 6

It’s been an unsurpisingly dull week for this week’s Project 52. Even more so than usual with N isolating with Covid. 

Here’s our week 6.

Sunday felt weird. A second day of being at home, N keeping clear staying in his room, me acting as room service with food deliveries. At least he was back to eating more normally as Saturday when he just wasn’t hungry.  I made some keto pecan pralines for treats for me. They were delicious.

On Monday I rang into school to confirm he wouldn’t be in. He did attempt to do some remote learning but didn’t get past lunchtime. His headache meant he just couldn’t concentrate on anything. Although it didn’t seem to impact his being able to play xbox or watch tv!

Tuesday was more of the same for N. It was the final day before my big annual work conference, so it was a last day of checking in on progress with the preparation, as well as a day of catch ups that were brought forward to avoid the 2 days of the event. I did get to nip out for the first time this week as I needed to drop off a parcel. 

On Wednesday, N was back to being hungry. I’m getting a picture this week of what life with a teenager could be like. If he’s logging on to remote learning he changes into t shirt and joggers, but otherwise just stays in his pyjamas all day. Then just hangs out in bed, watching youtube, tractor competitions on tv, or repeating Clarkson’s Farm. Occasionally he comes down in a mask to stretch his legs.  The whole house is cold because we’ve got all the windows open to keep good ventilation.

First day of my work event, and it went well which is always a relief.

Thursday was day 2 of the work event. All done for another year.  N’s first day of being able to test at day 5. Still positive, and given that his headache still hasn’t shifted, I’m doubting that he’ll be getting a negative test before his 10 days are up. 

On Friday, it was my short day at work, N was still testing positive, we’re still testing negative. His headache is still the same, although he was looking a lot better. He still didn’t feel right to do school work, although they sent home some homework for him to do. It’s such a shame as next week is target assembly and he was hoping he might have been onto the next certificate. He’ll have to wait til Easter because he’s missed at least a week to tick off more achieved targets.

I finally managed to get some decent steps in. I’m obsessed with the winter Olympics but really just the snowboarding and figure skating. But I’m having to trawl through all the recorded tv bits to find the parts I want to watch. 

Saturday I didn’t leave the house (again). Thankfully N had a first negative, so hopefully he’ll be negative again on Sunday and be back at school on Monday.  I caught up on all my Winter Olympics viewing, and a couple of documentary episodes. Did some jigsaw puzzle for the first time in a week, and some exercise. It was so windy and getting colder again. I can’t wait to be able to close up a few windows rather than have the whole house having gales blowing through.

showing a pecan praline without sugar

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  1. Glad to hear that N is testing negative and that you have avoided it so far. When I had it the headaches were the worst. Those pecan pralines look very yummy.

  2. Glad N is feeling better and is now negative. I haven’t watched ant of the winter olympics, should have as I also enjoy the figure skating,

  3. It sounds like a rough week for N. That did make me chuckle that he couldn’t concentrate on school work but had no problem with the xbox and TV. hehehe That’s great news that he has had a negative test and it’s fantastic that you and your husband haven’t caught it.
    What tasty treats! They look so good x

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