What’s in your handbag?

Hmm, of course it’s hard to work out which handbag to choose because of course being female, I do have more than one bag.  But MoneySupermarket are interested in finding out exactly what’s in people’s bags and how much value are they carting around each day.

It was a bit of a shock going from having nice bags pre-child, and then moving to a changing bag (crikey that was a hard decision to make deciding what would fit everything in).  Now I don’t need to drag as much around with me so a mid sized Kipling bag does the job when I’m out and about with N (couple of nappies, pack of wipes, drink for each of us, snacks, phone, purse and tissues).

I also have a few bags which I’d take out for me when I’m out on my own – semi casual ones in brighter colours, but would usually include my Kindle Paperwhite as well, plus a bit of make up, diary, notebook, and envelop with lots of vouchers and coupons in.

But my day to day bag that I use for work is the fullest of all of them, even when I do de-clutter it.

I bought the bag in a sale at Debenhams years ago, with vouchers, so it was a bargain price – I liked it because at the time I was debating spending some of my bonus at the time on a Mulberry bag, but this was quite similar anyway.  It’s got lots of pockets, and has lasted me ages which is always good.

One crammed bag

My friends always laugh that I always have anything you need in my bag…tissues, needle and thread, scissors, mirror, hand cream, pen, paper, plasters, painkillers/decongestant tablets.  Little miss organised is me when it comes round to having everything you might need.

I also have a few bits of make up, umbrella, keys (including random ones that I’m not sure what they open), work phone, personal phone, diary, envelope with hair cuts to show the hairdresser, envelope with coupons, business cards – for my jewellery, Gumigem (and not my blog), flash stick, pens, eye drops, purse.  I also seem to have 3 lots of different eye drops.

The only things about having lots of stuff in a bag is trying to locate what you’re looking for.  It’s also a pain when you need to transfer bits from one bag to another.  I saw the bag insert/organisers over at A Thrifty Mrs’ blog, and find it a time saver if I’m using a bigger bag.

hangbag contents
I don’t pack my toddler in the bag, but he was interested in my handbag’s contents!

My bag contents are a bit sporadic depending on what I’m taking with me, but my day to day one is probably the worst as my phone alone was bought outright at around £400.  If the Kindle’s in there, that’s another £150ish, and the bag at around £50.  Purse was a Designer at Debenhams so another £40, plus the contents, a bit of make up isn’t worth much (probably £20 maximum), Esprit umbrella from TKMaxx was under a tenner, and the other bits and bobs probably aren’t worth more than £20, excluding car keys – no idea what they’re worth to get replaced).  It still adds up to a ridiculous amount, and really makes you think about being careful when you’re out and about.

That compares to a weekend bag when I’m out with N, which is worth a lot less – only a £20 bag, mobile and purse.  Big difference.

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  1. Having written my post on the same topic I keep looking at my handbag and realising how horrible it looks. I really need to get a new one, it would be lovely to win, but also a little daunting having a bag that is worth more than the contents!

    1. It’s when the bags get so much rubbish and little bits inside, you feel like it needs a vacuum – that’s when it’s time for a new bag, and I definitely am at that stage with my work bag.

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