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Positive thoughts

I’ve just realised how easy it is to jinx good thoughts.

People usually say I’m a bit of a moaner and that I can be negative.  However, I like to think I’m a realist.   My theory is that if you can point out what could go wrong, things can only get better.  Well, that’s the theory.

I have to say I’m astounded at how frequently, when I’m thinking of something good, the next day that thing might go tits up.

Take Britmums Live! for instance.  Yesterday I was all excited about it going to Britmums.  Ok, so I’ve not been able to get childcare for the Saturday due to family parties going on, but with N in nursery on a Friday, I only had to get the OH to do pick up, bath and bed and I would be there.  Straightforward.

On the way to nursery to pick up I was thinking how great it was that N hadn’t been ill for ages (not that he’s ever usually very ill even if he is off colour, but nurseries do have a tendency to play safe when it comes to sending children home if they’ve got the possibility of something).

Of course, I then got to nursery to be told that he can’t come in for 48 hours due to more than 3 iffy nappies.  Now they are generally really good and allow for what’s normal for N, but on this occasion it was a no, because there’s supposedly been quite a few bugs going round.  So major panic…the one day I’ve got off work (which usually would have worked quite well) to do something for myself that’d been booked for months, and sods law had chosen that day for him to be ‘ill’.

Of course today, there’s been nothing out of the ordinary, but rules are rules, so it’s been a case of ring round and find someone who can have him for the (bit more than) half day.  Poor Granny came to the rescue again, with me hoping that the men would be doing something on the farm that they can take him along to as well to get out of her hair.  I hate asking for last minute help, but was so relieved she could do it.

Except then I arrive home to the OH saying she can’t have him as she’s not fully well.  Arrggghh,..

So looks like I won’t be meeting everyone at Britmums unless there’s a miracle, and will have to resort to watching the streaming instead.  Let’s hope I can make it next year

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