Another of the summer 2021 releases, Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills is full of colour. This puzzle didn’t take long to complete, so is a good one if you’re starting out on your Wasgij puzzle journey.

Wasgij destiny 23 theme park thrills

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One of the Wasgij Destiny range, to complete the puzzle you need to think about what the box image might be like in future. This time it’s an old fashioned summer fun scene with paddling pools and fairground rides. But what would these rides look like in the future?

Some of the classic characters appear as usual in the puzzle, and with all the colours and obviously rides, it’s not a hard puzzle to complete. It took me 3 sessions to complete as I dip in and out over a few days.  I used my usual method and whizzed through it. You can find out how I complete Wasgij puzzles without looking at the solution on my step by step guide to doing Wasgij jigsaws.

Some people have mentioned that some recent Wasgij puzzles haven’t been the quality they’ve been used to, but I’ve never had an issue. 

You can find the Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills solution below.

wasgij destiny 23 theme park thrills solution

Let me know how you get on.

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