Wasgij destiny 22 Trip to the tip blog

Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip solution

In the last year there seems to be a lot of Wasgij puzzle launches, although it’s been hard to get hold of them when it’s been lockdown. The last round had 3 new ones, plus 2 new extra retro puzzles, so there’s been plenty to have a go at. I managed to buy 4 of the recent ones, so am working my way through them. The retro Wasgijs have been hard as usual. But I was also surprised to find Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip took much longer than most of the more recent releases.

Wasgij destiny 22 Trip to the tip blog

Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip is a fun take on the future of a rubbish tip. So what you see on the box image is a rubbish tip from the past. To solve the puzzle, you have to imagine what a tip like that would look like in the future.

The hardest part with Trip to the Tip was the placement of the different sections. I always use my same step by step method to solve Wasgij puzzles. Edges, then clusters of colours and objects, then fill in the gaps. It was easy enough putting together clusters or colours, but harder to work out exactly where they went.

It just took a few breaks and coming back to it before it was complete. Again like always, some of the classic characters appear, and there were plenty of fun things to look at in the puzzle once completed.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles* from Amazon or other puzzle websites. It’s worth looking out for them second hand too. I know I’ve got quite a stack of puzzles to sell on when I get round to it.

Find my Wasgij Trip to the Tip solution below along with a video showing more of the detail.

Wasgij destiny 22 trip to the tip solution

Let me know how you get on completing it.

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