Party bag fillers for 8-10 year olds - Bubablue and me

Great party bag fillers for 8 to 9 year olds

Once children hit the tween years, the parties of their younger days sometimes make way for smaller gatherings and maybe friends going out for a fun activity rather than a party. But party bags are still usually high on their agenda, even if the party host’s parents aren’t so keen.

My previous post on party packs for 6-7 year olds was really popular, so I thought I’d share some suggestions for party bag items to include for older children. Sure, they might be getting a bit cooler and more fussy. But you still want to avoid the tat or spending lots of money.

Party bag fillers for 8-10 year olds - Bubablue and me

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Here’s my suggestions for what to put in a party bag for 8 to 9 year olds

Ideas for party bag fillers for 8 to 9 year olds

1. Make up

Tween girls especially love make up, and there’s plenty of cheaper collections out there suitable for children. Top tips would be look in the sales post-Christmas because sometimes you can get some really good bargains, or look in places like Primark. Even Boots or Superdrug usually have cheaper make up ranges. Buying multipacks of things like funky lip balms then split the packs up will go down well. Ideal make up without it annoying parents who don’t want their children growing up too fast – lip balms, fun compact mirrors, nail polish or glitter powder.

2. Top Trumps

These aren’t always cheap, but you might be able to buy bulk deals. If the birthday activity is themed, look out for themed top trump games.

3. Funky stationery

Not just for girls, look out for fun stationery from journals to colour changing pens or quirky. If you could find spy pens, they’d add to the fun.

4. Make your own kits

Things like friendship bracelets or make your own keyrings are good crafty ideas. Or these colouring mugs are cool and come in different theme options. I’m also thinking baking kits – you can make your own using mason jars or pretty jam jars, or buy them in gift bags.

5. Torch key ring

Anything that’s a bit fun, and for themselves always goes down well. You can buy them personalised, although that would bump up the price.

6. Glow sticks

Because even older children find those fun.

7. Football

Even N would be impressed getting a cheap football party favour, and he’s not a massive football fan.

8. Sports water bottle

You can even fill it with treats.  All the better if they’re a size that fit in bike bottle holders. Try Etsy for monogrammed bottles or named ones.

9. Cool sunglasses

Depending on the party theme opt for sports, camouflage, neon or even shaped glasses.

10. Silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands* have always gone down well with children at N’s primary school. Why not customise them, or get them with inspirational sayings on.

11. Books

Books can be bought for great prices in multipacks from places like The Works*. Try Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Alex Ryder, Percy Jackson, Dotty Detective, Football Heroes, or something more amusing like the ‘Danger is Everywhere’ books.

12. Card games

Games aren’t usually cheap enough for party bag fillers, but it’s worth keeping a watch out for fun fast card games like Dobble, Six Second Scribbles and Sussed – Would you Rather? The last has options for all ages groups.

If you’ve only got a handful of children, spending less than a fiver on a party bag isn’t too much hassle. Even if you did one with plastic tat in, it’d probably add up to not much off that.

For themed parties, check out my themed party bag ideas post.

Top tips for getting good value party bag fillers

1. Buy in bulk especially if it’s a big party

2. Haggle

Email sellers directly on ebay to see if they’ll do discount offers. Or in store, ask for a discount if you’re buying a few items.

3. Buy in advance in sales

If you have any left afterwards, you can always sell on the odds and sods on ebay or a local selling site.

4. Use cashback sites if buying online

5. Do a joint party and share the costs.

6. Stick with 1 main gift and add cake. It could work out cheaper than lots of small goodies.

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What do you include as alternative party bag ideas for older children?

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  1. We did something similar for our daughters sixth party – a small number of friends, at home, meant more money to spend per party bag. Even still we hunted out multi buy offers and a smiggle notebook, pen and rubber each went down in history as the best party bag ever 😉
    Thanks for sharing with #CoolMumClub – and for what it’s worth during recycle week, the less useless plastic party bag tat ending up in the bin, the better right?

  2. Great tips, my son is turning 9 in December and I have no idea what to get him as a birthday present, never mind party bags. So this is great, thanks

    1. It’s so hard to know isn’t it. We’re pretty much a year behind your son. N needs a new bike as he’s grown out of his current one already

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