Superhero mums - Bubbablue and me

Superhero powers of mums – what makes mums so magic?

Lots of parents aren’t that confident about their parenting abilities, but I think we need to be celebrated more. Successful parenting is so subjective and can’t be compared. What works for one family won’t work for another, and most parents are probably better at the job than they give themselves credit for. I always say, if you care about how you’re parenting, you’re probably doing a great job.

If you ask most children who their heroes are, many will now say celebrities. But I bet a lot will think their mums and dads are pretty special too. 

N seems to think I’ve got superpowers – I always tell him I’ve got eyes in the back of my head and that I can see what he’s up to even when he thinks I can’t. How I’ve managed to prove this to him, I’m not sure. There’s obviously that inbuilt feeling that something is going on and most of the time you can predict exactly what.

I’m happy for him to keep thinking that I have superpowers. And I’ve been thinking about some of the powers that mums have.

Superhero mums - Bubbablue and me

The superhero powers of mums

Hawk Eye

Mums have the all seeing eye of what goes on in and out of the house. Children don’t realise that parents have secret sources and that they chat between each other. N always wants to know how I know what they’re doing in school, even though I’ve told him we get weekly ‘what we’re doing in class this week’ emails from school.

Hearing hero

Mums know what goes on/can seemingly hear every conversation even those that are whispers.  The know when children are on the creep through the house, and will hear the fridge door opening.


Mums have an ability to sniff out manky food, or a toilet that’s not been flushed. Nothing gets past a mum’s nose.

Fast fire answer-woman

With the number of questions that their children ask every day, mums are quick thinkers with fast fire answers to all those awkward questions.  Definitely able to think on their toes with any question, even those they have to make up answers  to.

Gut feel mum

When we just know that something is going on especially when all is quiet and seemingly calm. This gut feel sends us to look out why everything’s gone quiet.

What other superhero powers do you have in your parenting skills?

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