view from hotel football over salford quays

Project 52 2018 week 38 – Salford Quays

Today’s photo for Project 365 week 38 (and My Sunday Photo) was taken at Blog On Toys conference – strictly speaking taken on the Saturday night but near enough to this week.  We were at the ‘Christmas’ Party before the conference in Hotel Football looking out over Salford Quays.  I love a city skyline especially at night, and was pleased to get this photo out of my phone…with just a small edit to bring out the lights a bit more.

view from hotel football over salford quays

After the conference on Sunday, it was back into work on Monday after a frantic getting all N’s stuff ready for school. Because obviously when I arrived back at 9pm, the OH hadn’t emptied the dishwasher, or got any of N’s uniform, PE kit or school books out ready. At least N did manage to get his own uniform out in the morning.

The week’s weather was straight into Autumn wind and rain most of the week. I’ve had to get the slippers out and the cardigan has gone on in the evenings at home.  Hopefully the OH will now leave the Aga on as we really need it to warm the house up and dry clothes.

Work was busy as usual, and school was more of the same – lots of homework, but N’s also enjoying lots of sport and loving having moved up to the top group in swimming, having jumped a whole group. Helped of course but only half of the year 4s going swimming this term, but still shows how well he’s progressed. He’s also loving being used as a demo lots in his normal swimming lessons. They now have a real mixed class as 7 children moved up leaving only N and another girl who moved to this class at Easter. When they moved up, the class was all fairly similar in level, but now they’ve moved up another 7, most of them are so far behind the 2 originals. I forget that we get this massive gap each new term. N likes being at the top of the group though, it does bring out some competitive spirit in him.

We’ve no plans this weekend. Saturday’s been full of normal end of week things like food shopping, swimming, washing clothes and dishes, and cooking. It’s surprising how fast the day goes and depressing when you realise you’ve done not much fun or enjoyable…only to have the OH come in and state I’ve done nothing today. Maybe he should actually rethink that given he’s worked and turned up to find 2 courses waiting for him, clean clothes, clean plates to eat off and food in the house.

Hopefully we’ll get some better weather next week and be able to go out and actually do something next weekend.

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  1. Fab photo! Sounds like you have had a busy week just living! Well done to N with the swimming.

  2. Would annoy me if I had to come in at that time of night and start when hubby could have done it. Sometimes they just don’t think. I have to prepare Sat and Sun nights teas on a Friday as we would not eat all weekend without me doing that.
    Never understand why they unsettled groups of children by leaving some of them behind, but if it allows him to feel good about himself guess it not all bad.
    Love the photo, well captured.

    1. Ah, the others had all been in that level for ages, so were due to move up. N and the other girl have only been in the level a term so need longer distances/stamina for breaststroke and butterfly to move up.

  3. Hi Emma, Ooooooo there is nothing like coming home to having nothing done for the next day to put a damper on a good day. However, I do hope you put a flea in OH’s ear for saying you did nothing! Preparing food, washing and shopping all take time!.. I don’t get to see a city skyline where we are, but growing up I lived on a hill on the outskirts of Exeter and the view from the back window used to fascinate me.


  4. Fab photo! I can easily see it as a promotional image for some brochure or Salford guide. Glad to hear N is enjoying being a demo, big well done to him, that is an achievement.
    Yes, the weather is very much autumnal, though we did have one hot day, when I was wondering if we were having an Indian summer, but it was short-lived.

  5. That is a stunning photo! I was sorry not to be at BlogOn, but September is far too busy with all of my son’s sport, plus my own half marathon training. Sorry to hear that the OH doesn’t appreciate what you do. Mine has started to appreciate what I do and even suggests that sometimes it’s OK for me to take a break! He never would have said that a few years ago, but he knows how draining parenting teenagers is!

  6. Oooo, Salford Quays! Awesome! I have taken two of my fave ever photographs at Salford Quays. it’s a great destination for the photographer. Hopwe you had fun at Blog On. I couldn’t make it this year.

  7. I wasn’t sure of the rules of your hop so didn’t link but love this night shot. Got out the remote I’ve been moving around the coffee table for the last several months and even found my tripod today so maybe I’ll be able to take this kind of cool photo soon.
    Sounds like some lousy weather over there, it went from insanely hot for the end of September (31°C) then dropped 30˚. But no rain, hope your fall gets warmer and sunnier.

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