looking down the canal while the morning sun shines on it and a canal boat moored on the left with trees

Project 52 2023 week 12

We’re marching on rapidly towards Easter holidays, it’s been a week of Year 7 exams, trying to work out calendars for football matches, and ducking between early April showers. Here’s our week 12 for Project 52.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We don’t really do anything. N asked the night before if I wanted breakfast made, but I’d rather just sort myself out when I wanted. Really I’d just like a card and a bunch of tulips. I said no gifts. But I ended up with yet another face cream. I don’t really use them very regularly, so I still have hars from the last 2 birthdays and  Christmas that I’ll never get round to using. But this one feels nice – for ageing skin!.

The rest of the day I just spent reading. I was hooked on my book, so had a very lazy day, inbetween doing washing, sorting out the dishwasher and cooking a roast.

On Monday it was back to being healthy. Getting up and walking during the day at intervals.  Back to my New You plan to kick start before going back on keto. 

Tuesday and my healthier living is going well. No sugar withdrawal headache which is a surprise. And I’m not feeling hungry.  I’ve upped my steps slightly too, so while it’s not 10k a day yet, I’m working up to that.  I could spend an hour doing that while watching tv late at night, but I’d rather get to bed a little earlier than normal too.  

I dropped my car off at the bodyshop this morning to get fixed. The man didn’t stagger in horror at the gouge, so hopefully it’ll look as good as new in 2 days. He did point out the 2 dinks (from where a deer decided to ram the side of my door), but they’re tiny, I’m not fussed about those. I worked in the office for the morning, met the new CEO who seems very bright and cheery. Then because there’s no buses after 1.30 to our nearest village, I got a lift home with my brother, and a nice chat before working from home in the afternoon.

On Wednesday the OH had to do the school drop off and pick up. I think N probably loves that although I miss doing it. I borrowed a farm vehicle to take N to very wet football training so that was fun trying to work out how to turn the lights on getting in it again when it was dark. Thankfully my car was finished and waiting for me to pick up.

Thursday I was out the house at 7 to get a lift into town with my brother, a quick shop into Morrisons, and wander along by the canal to pick my car up. It’s nice to have it back!

On Friday it was a blitz to get things done at work.It was a cold and windy evening for N’s tennis lesson, along with extra catch up time. It’s been a week of healthy eating for me and it’s gone well. I’ve tried to up my steps but there’s still some way to go.

Saturday I was up early for a hair appointment. N was picked up by a friend to go to football, then I headed there after, only missing 15 minutes thankfully. I wish the football matches would be set out further in advance, then we’d know for sure when we could book other things in.  The children played really well, and the other team didn’t deserve the 1 goal they managed to get in. Even their coach told our team they hadn’t deserved the win. Gutted for ours, but hopefully the next couple of matches they’ll get a win.

The rest of the day was N out on the farm, and I caught up on some missed tv, tried to keep warm and sorted out the washing which is never ending.

looking down the canal while the morning sun shines on it and a canal boat moored on the left with trees

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  1. The face cream sounds like a good one, I hope you do get to use it.
    Well done with the healthier living, it sounds like it’s going really well. x

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