camping or glamping which is for you

Camping vs Glamping – which is right for you?

Camping can be a great holiday for children, and for the whole family. What’s not to love about being outside, and the novelty of sleeping in a tent. But as we get older, camping doesn’t always have the same appeal due to the perceived comfort or lack of it. Nowadays, camping doesn’t always mean roughing it. There’s so many styles of camping, and so much better equipment, that camping can mean it’s like home from home. Which wins out for you – camping vs glamping?

camping or glamping which is for you

Everything depends on personal preference. 

Some people prefer wild camping – take your kit with you, travel lighter, camp wherever is available and away from others without any extra facilities. It’s more rugged and you’re reliant on your skills and more on the outdoors environment. Making your own campfire may be more likely.  

Wild camping is definitely not my cup of tea, I like a bit more comfort.

Standard camping is usually on a formal campsite, and there’s quite often the choice to opt for electric hook up meaning you can still easily charge phones, and have a few more mod cons like electric kettles and an electric camping fridge.  This is my type of camping.  I need good toilet and shower facilities, after my experiences of guide camp all those years ago having to dig out a mess pit! But I also have an air bed, SIM (self inflating mattress), and plenty of layers and blankets to keep warm and be more comfortable at night.

I’m thinking in future I need to stick to glamping. Although N would still love to do normal camping.

Glamping is top end camping. It’s also the lazy way to camp.

Glamping these days doesn’t even having to be in a tent. Strictly speaking I’d be saying it’s sleeping in ready set up yurts or canvas lodges along with added extras. But nowadays, glamping seems to include any type of more temporary accommodation on a campsite. For example shepherd’s huts, unusual converted vehicles or camping pods. These tend to be more stable and solid structures rather than necessarily being under canvas.

Ultimately glamping is about luxury. Just turning up at the campsite and your accommodation being ready to move straight into. Furniture and cooking equipment is likely to be included, there might even be bedding. Often you may just need to take clothes, food and toiletries for your stay.

All the camping tips you’ll need for a successful camping holiday

looking out of a glamping dome with table and chairs by the window

Camping vs glamping?  

Which one is more appropriate for you?


If you want fast and easy to get set up for your holiday then glamping is the way to go. You just book, then turn up. You don’t have to fill your car to the rafters with all your camping equipment. Or spend hours getting your tent set up to your liking. You might even have a camping kitchen set up for you, or your own toilets and shower.

Flexibility of location

On the other side of convenience, you’re restricted to choosing a glamping site where it’s available. Once you get to the glamping site, there’s no option of moving your accommodation to where you want to be onsite. With camping, as long as there’s a campsite or wild camping allowed, then you can pitch a tent anywhere.


Glamping provides comfortable accommodation, often with proper beds, electricity, and heating as well as other furniture. With standard camping you’re dependent on what you can take with you in your vehicle or on your back.


Glamping provides a level of luxury and comfort that is not often found in traditional camping experiences. There might be lighting, decoration in the tent, the little touches that make it like home. While many campers bring lighting, tv and other extras to make their tent home especially if they’re camping for a long stay, it’s still a tent and you’re still lugging all your equipment and home gear with you on holiday.

Unique experience

Glamping offers a unique and memorable experience that is different from traditional camping or staying in a hotel. It’s rate with glamping that any experience will be the same because assuming you’re going to different campsites, you’ll be in a different accommodation and decor every time. Unless you’re borrowing a different tent each time you go on holiday camping in the standard fashion, most campers set up their tent the same way every time that works for them.  It’s less of an individual experience each time – although you do have the different location.


With standard camping your options are largely to do with the location. Is it wild camping or not? Electric hook up or not? Large family holiday park or smaller field only camping?  With glamping, there are fewer places to go and each site is likely to have only a handful of accommodation. It means it’s a bit more exclusive. But you can also try out a lot more different accommodation options because every site’s offering is different. You’re not limited by your tent.


Glamping you are restricted by the size of the accommodation on offer. For example pods generally offer sleeping facilities for 2 or 4 people, and the configuration of beds is set in stone. Whereas with standard camping, you can have your tent set up based on exactly your family’s needs.


The cost of a camping holiday can be one of the cheapest ways to get away, depending on the location and the facilities available on the campsite. Glamping ups that price because you’re not using your own equipment or tent.

Both camping and glamping have their place. If you’re a parent who’s never camped and wouldn’t camp, but want your child to experience it, then glamping is a middle ground.

When it comes to camping vs glamping, which is your preference? Have you switched one way or the other over time?

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