investigating tombs at the Ashmolean

Project 366 2016 week 6

This week’s been better for taking photos, helped by the lighter evenings. Although it does mean that I see fewer sunrises, but get the sunsets instead.  Swings and roundabouts then.  It’s week 6 of Project 366, and onto the photos.

On Sunday it was just about dry, so I went for a walk around the reservoir in town.  N wanted to go out with his dad on the farm, so I ended up going on my own.  Typically when I started out it was sunny with blue skies, by the time I was out of the car, it was cloudy and grey.  Oh, and extremely cold and windy.  The sailing club were still out on the water, although I’m not sure most of my photos were that great.  I couldn’t resist a few water droplet/rain photos on the grass though.

grass with dew drops

Monday was back to school, but by the end of the day, N had decided to tip all the DVDs on the floor, and start opening all of his unopened birthday presents from his school friends.

opening birthday party presents

Tuesday was pancake day, and I had to send N into school with a frying pan and pancake. I knew I wasn’t going to make 1 pancake in the morning, so bought ready made ones for him to have one. That meant he ended up eating ready made pancakes for breakfast, had them for pudding at school lunch, then at after school club for tea, and had one at home that his dad made.  I had my New You plan* maple syrup pancakes…they’re looking a bit strange in the pan because I made them with less water than normal so I thinned them out in the pan hence the weird circles and different colours!  Still tasted good though.

New You plan pancakes

On Wednesday I didn’t take many photos, but N did another thank you card.  It’s taking a long time because he’ll only do 1 or 2 a day.  I need to start filling in the rest and sending otherwise some people are going to be a bit peeved!

writing thank you cards

After a beautiful sunset on Wednesday evening, this was the sight I got up to on Thursday morning.  Beautiful sunrise, and the contrails from the planes looks great across the sky too.

sunrisein February

On Friday evening I went to Oxford with some other bloggers for a styling event at Olivia May clothing boutique organised as an Oxfordshire Bloggers event.  It was lovely to catch up with existing blogging friends, and nice to meet some new ones. As well as speaking to one girl who I recognised and worked out that we’d worked together way back nearly 20 years ago!

Olivia May rail of clothes

On Saturday, N and I went to Oxford to review afternoon tea at Boswells and co department store tea rooms.  Beforehand we went to explore the Ashmolean museum which was new to both of us.  Luckily they have children’s trails which are always a good way of getting children to look at more around them.

investigating tombs at the Ashmolean

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  1. Gorgeous sky image! We’ve been to the Ashmolean museum with Eddie, but over a year ago. I think he’d love going there again, now that he’s older. The bloggers event sounds like great fun, how did I miss the announcement?!

  2. there have been some nice sunsets and sunrises lately. Loving that I am at least driving to work in the day light and the sunrises at the weekend was great purple and pinks.
    I like the rain drops on the grass.
    Nice to see him doing some thank you cards, love the personal touch

  3. well done to N for writing his thank you cards.
    we love taking part in kids trials at places of interest, it definitely holds their attention for longer
    the blogger event sounds lovely x

  4. I’m loving the lighter evenings, just wish the rain would go away for a few days! Those raindrops look great on the leaves. Weird circles and different colours are how homemade pancakes are meant to look, right?! Museums are doing well at alternate ways of inviting children to look around more, I always try to go the children’s route even though we don’t have any! I just find it more enticing lol!

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