Thinking and planning about his next move

I want to go to a boys school

Bizarrely, as a girl going into 6th form, I did exactly that and went to a boys school.  Well, at the time it was a boys school but took girls in the 6th form.  After I left, they then started taking boys and girls from age 11 (instead of boys from 13), and now there’s girls throughout the school.

But I didn’t expect N to say he wanted to go to a boys school.  I suppose I should have been more surprised to hear him say he wanted to be at a girls school though.  We always have the strangest conversations just before he goes to bed, but it’s great to see inside his brain and what random thoughts he’s thinking.

He just came out with it at bedtime.

‘Mummy, I want to go to boys school. Why are there girls in my school?’

‘The same reason there are girls in the world. It’s a mixed school. Why do you only want boys in your class?’

‘I don’t like girls’

‘Well, what about I and K, you like them and play with them?’

‘No, I don’t like girls.  Girls are smelly’

‘I think you’ll find the boys smell more than the girls.  Anyway, you’ve only got 3 girls in your year, I’d say they were pretty outnumbered’.

‘Maybe the girls could change into boys. I’ve got some make up that would make them look like boys’.  Eh?  Maybe he’s thinking mud, because I don’t see how Snazaroo face paints would quite manage that one.

‘It’s quite unusual to have boys schools now, most are mixed.  And it’s good to have a mix, especially for boys.  It’s much better to learn now how to play and talk to girls, then you learn that girls are really mostly the same as boys’


Thinking and planning about his next move

I didn’t think we’d have the ‘I hate girls’ thing this early on.  Although I’m sure he’ll be playing with I at after school club even though she’s a girl.

Have your children ever come out with things like this? Are they at the stage of not liking boys or girls?

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  1. Bless him! I have never had any of mine come out with that, but they all have stages of not liking the opposite sex! My teen daughter at 16 still thinks boys are a pain (long may that continue!!) Kaz x

  2. Aww haha how cute! L is too young for this yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if he says something like this when he is older. I am always telling him boys are smelly hahaha

  3. Monkey is not at this stage yet but I am sure it will come! we actually have an all boys secondary school in our town but I would prefer him to go to the mixed one (at least at the moment its a long way off) partly for the reasons you have mentioned above. Will be interested to see how this progresses 🙂 x

  4. Haha classic. I am a teacher and have worked at boys’ schools, girls’ schools and mixed – and they do all have very different dynamics. Bless him. I am sure he will be coming round to girls before you know it!

  5. It’s interesting what they do come out with – my daughter will happily play with boys when it’s one on one, but it’s a different question at preschool. The girls are very outnumbered by the boys there, and a couple are younger than her so we’ve had a few of the typical issues of the three girls left all wanting to be each other’s ‘best’ friend and not play together. When I’ve suggested she plays with the boys instead, some of whom think she’s great (based on their excited reactions when she arrives), she’s not so interested. It’s a shame it starts so early I think.

  6. I don’t think mine will come out with this for a few more years, most of his little friends are girls at the moment with some rough and tumble from the boys! I wonder if it is something he has picked up from classmates at school? Especially if he has friends who are girls?

  7. It’s quite a statement isn’t it?! I don’t remember mine ever saying that. We have a couple of single sex secondary schools our way but there aren’t many of them around. He’ll probably like girls by then! X

  8. I don’t really recall my boys having issues with girls and not liking them, in fact i don’t recall as a child myself saying i didn’t like boys either. When we were choosing boarding schools for our youngest we didn’t visit a single school that was boys only (not that we were looking for one) but had to discount several girls only schools, which I find bizarre that they still exist.

    1. Yes I think a lot of boys schools now take girls or at least for the prep years. I don’t remember myself going through that phase either but I know quite a few with boys who did but a bit later on.

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