Apple with sunshine through the tree

Project 52 2021 week 33

Just another week. Anyone else feel like the weeks are racing by with not a lot to show for them? This week I was back working again for another week before my final summer holiday week off.

Here’s what went on in week 33 of Project 52.

Sunday was a quick tennis session at the club for N. It’s good they’re getting more practice and hitting in with the adult club members, but I do miss my chance to pick up my racket and play. We just never make it down in the evenings, so really should make more of an effort when it’s dry. In the afternoon N went to a friend’s birthday party. It was in a local sports club field, and they did bubble sports with the big inflatable ‘zorb’ type of balls, playing football and various other games. The had pizza for food, and N really enjoyed the party. He was very pleased to be sent home with one of the pizza crust garlic and herb dip pots, as he was the only one of the children eating them.

On Monday I was back working. N moaned his shoulders hurt – he had bruises on his shoulder blades from the bubbles at the party, but they soon faded. He mooched between playing on xbox and watching youtube, and then going out on the farm a bit.

Tuesday was another working day. Not a lot was going on really, although we’re trying to get prepped ahead of a busy September and October for various publications going out.

N had tennis camp on Wednesday. It was only a small group with 8 of them, all boys, and quite similar ages too. They had his old tennis coach taking them for the day (she used to teach them when they were orange level players, and used to coach me in squash when I was a teenager). It’s a shame she’s not around for private coaching as she’s a really good coach. With a lot of experience, she also doesn’t take any mucking around, and is quite strict but encouraging. The first words she said were ‘been playing lots of tournaments?’ and ‘we’ll have to look out for what we can do to get you winning’. They played a lot more proper tennis rather than as many games as they would usually at camps when they have a broader age and ability of children attending. So a good day for him.

Thursday I had a lot of work meetings. One of the team is going on mat leave, so we’ve been doing handovers and getting another colleague up to speed, as well as prepping for another project that we’ve got a new starter coming in for. It’s going to be a bit frantic over the next few weeks, not helped by lots of us being on leave/not crossing over when back in the office. I totally forgot about a dance webinar I was signed up to in the evening, because I spent about 4 1/2 hours panicking that the Tesco website was a bit screwed and I couldn’t log in, when I needed to do my food order for an early Friday delivery. Thankfully it was back to normal by about 10.15 for me, so it was a quick shop and check out.

On Friday it was my short day at work. It was a day of finishing things off and sending out reminders for deadlines due the week I’m back in – hopefully people will update things next week rather than waiting until I chase them the week they’re due. N wanted to make pizza so he made 3 – evidently it was suggested they’d take them out to the field for tea for those doing straw cart, so 2 for the OH to take out, 1 for himself, and then I made my own keto version. N did a great job making them all himself. We cooked them before tennis so the OH could take them with him. But didn’t, and ended up with someone getting them fish and chips. So the pizzas got wrapped up and are now in the freezer. He can eat them sometime when I’m not around. I wasn’t very happy given they’d been requested and N had worked hard making them all. At least N still got to eat his own pizza.

N’s tennis lesson went quite well – he came back saying he wished he played like that all the time – hopefully he meant the drills, rather than the match against his coach.

Saturday was an early trip to town for the bakery, fill up with diesel (a gasp as it cost over £70 to fill up with still 100 miles left in the tank), and to get something fast for pudding later. In the afternoon I left N to go out on the farm with his dad while I went to see a friend who’s broken her foot. Had a lovely couple of hours chatting. I really need to catch up with more friends as I’ve been rubbish over the last year+ in talking to people outside of work.

This week’s Project 52 photo is of one of our apple trees. The eating apples are coming on nicely. Bizarrely one of the cooking apple trees has lots of apples, but the other has a few on the top but that’s it. We’ve never had a year where one of the trees has had so few apples on it.

Apple with sunshine through the tree

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  1. The bubble sports at the party sounds like it was fun in spite of the bruises. N sounds like he is getting plenty of tennis in and glad he had a good day at tennis camp. Good luck with the busy time coming up at work. #project365

  2. I hate filling my car up now, it is always over £70 these days. Glad N is enjoying his tennis, I cannot believe they only have two weeks left

  3. I love the idea of zorbing, but I’m sure I’d end up with a few more injuries other than bruising. I can’t wait for my DIL’s apples to be ready so i can start cooking

  4. Yes! Apart from this week where we’ve had a birthday there has been nothing much going on over the summer.
    The birthday party sounds like a lot of fun but not the sore shoulders.
    The apples are looking great! My dad has a couple of trees looking quite similar to yours. I can’t wait for them to be ready so I can get on with cooking apple pies and crumbles x

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