Meal Planning Monday: 15th April 2013

My ‘try something different’ each week is getting harder to do as most new recipes take a bit longer than the old favourites that I know I can whizz up really quickly or that don’t take long to cook.  By the time it gets to Saturday, I’m more tired.  Plus having a swimming lesson at 2pm, so not getting home til after 3, isn’t conducive to spending a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen to get a meal and pudding prepared by 5pm.

So nothing really very exciting on this week’s meal plan.

  • Monday – cold roast beef, jackets, salad
  • Tuesday (me) – pasta, veg and sauce
  • Wednesday – salmon – maybe pesto & phili or encroute
  • Thursday (me) – maybe a quick rice salad with chicken or risotto
  • Friday – (sausage & bean cassoulet – my choice, but unlikely to get past OH so) chicken fajitas
  • Saturday – pork and apple casserole
  • Sunday – roast of some sort
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