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Project 52 2022 week 40

This week’s much of a muchness. Not much different happens from week to week. Life just carries on. It was my birthday week, not that there was any celebration going on.

Here’s our week 40 for Project 52.

Sunday was a mixed bag. We had to go to town to pick up bits we’d not been able to get on Saturday. It turned out to be quite a warm sunny day.  The afternoon I tried to get N to do his homework. He did some, but then at bedtime told me he had another lot he’d not done. There’s a few days, but homework is driving me insane. At primary he would just get on and do it, knowing he only had two days. But at secondary, they have up to two weeks, so he just doesn’t do it. He really needs to be getting it done as soon as he gets it.

On Monday it was work. Lots of back and forth, and ended up having to work late. N got him homework done. We also had a meet the tutor slot – only 5 minutes but just to check in and see how he’s getting on. His tutor seems lovely, and she’s already got a grasp of what her group of children are like.

Tuesday was a never ending day. Just back and forth, no time to actually stop and spend a good amount of time on single things that need doing. 

On Wednesday the weather was like April showers. Football training was a tad wet for them, but cleared up enough in time for my Rusty Rackets. I’d been fairly warm all day which is unusual, but when I got back in the heating was on. First time this season. The bonus is that N’s wet football kit and coat would dry.

Thursday was a quiet day. Back to being cold. I nipped out at lunchtime to find so many road works on the way, and road closures coming up next week. It’s seemed never ending this year the amount of roadworks going on. 

N came in wanting to practise his sewing. Evidently in textiles he spent more time trying to knot the thread than actually sewing. His running stitch is quite good. Although I think sewing’s a basic skill I’ve missed out on teaching him, given I was able to sew buttons on at a younger age (thanks to Brownie badges), and did a cross stitch picture I had hung on my wall age 6.  I suppose that’s the difference between having a grandma who’s good at sewing who was alive when I was that age.

On Friday I had a nice relaxing morning before work reading my book. It’s bliss, nice and quiet. I’m trying to only start work when I should – it’s not working that well at the other end of the day though! Or at lunchtime. N did more sewing after school. 

Tennis was a bit better today, helped by 3 of their group not being there, so there was only 4. There still wasn’t a lot of decent tennis going on. There were some drills, approach shots, but it still felt like there wasn’t much continuous tennis going on. I really need to get N back to private lessons after half term, as he’s really not learning much from the group session – he’d be better off with an hour of hitting which would help him improve more, and get his fitness improved too.

Saturday was my birthday. Presents were severely lacking thanks to me not being able to suggest anything, and there being too many no’s. My best friend sent me an afternoon tea – so I’ll be looking forward to eating the cakes from that. I spent the day at the last of Blog On Xmas conferences. It’s always nice to do something totally for me.

rainbow over playing field

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you. The cream tea sounds like a nice surprise and tasty. Is there a homework club N could go to? I run one on a Tuesday after school with a set group of students I’ve identified as never get homework done on time. Their not all the SEN kids, which always surprises me.

  2. I feel the same at the moment with not much happening week to week. I am sure things will pick up soon.
    Ugh! Homework is a cause of friction here too. My youngest would sometime rather take the detention than do the actual homework. I’m glad you got to meet N’s tutor. Good on N for working on his sewing.
    Happy birthday! That’s such a shame that the presents were lacking but at least you got to spend it at Blog On!
    Oh wow! What a beautiful rainbow! x

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