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Project 366 2016 week 26 – tennis proof

This week’s seen more rain.  I’m doing a sun dance or two in the hope that we’ll have a few days of sun in the run up to our camping trip in a couple of weeks. And obviously praying that it’ll be dry while we’re away.

Here’s this week’s Project 366, week 26.

On Monday, N helped me make pudding.  It’s not often he cooks with me although he does enjoy it.  But mostly all he really likes to do is peel and chop vegetables.  After totally smashing an egg (just about in the bowl), he wandered off bored.  But he looked adorable in his apron (and chef’s hat although he refused to have a phot0 taken wearing it).

mini chef and apron

On Monday, N got back from after school club and decided he wanted the badminton net up to play tennis.  I’ve never seen him play tennis because he does it at tennis club at school so I did wander if he could connect with the ball.  Well, I was surprised because he connected with a lot.  It was wild, but considering he was hitting mostly volleys because we were playing on grass, that ball was flying a long way.  Look at those shorts though – the smaller size is a little on the snug size, then the next size are like basketball shorts!

playing tennis int he garden

On Tuesday I awoke to blue sky and this view across our field. Of course the blue skies didn’t last.

view from a window across the farm

I’ve been admiring all the peonies on Instagram and wondering where I can buy some locally. The supermarkets didn’t have any, neither did the flower stall in town.  Eventually I spotted some in M&S, so I now have my own (and my own photos!).

peony detail

On Thursday we had our work conference. It always involved a coach journey from town, and this year for the first time I had a major panic that the bus was 45 minutes late picking us up from the pub we finished in.  I had to do some ringing round to get someone to pick N up from after school club because there was no way I’d be getting back in time.  On the return coach journey there was much amusement when we spotted this bizarre miniature pedal car driving along ahead of us.

mini pedal bullet car

On Friday N moaned he was bored once we were home.  I suggested he play ‘putting the tennis ball’. A multipack of tennis balls kept him entertained for a long time…and other sized balls.  I thought it would be an impossible task, but nope, he managed it several times.  He’s definitely a child who’s good at hitting balls with implements!

putting tennis balls

On Saturday apart from a couple of showers, it turned out a nice day. N had swimming after missing 5 weeks due to illness, cancelled lessons, half term and me being at blog conferences. He was really worried about going but once there he got into the swing of things and had a great time.  I was relieved.  Later in the day we I practised putting up our new tent in the sun.  And I got to wear my birkenstocks* instead of more rainproof shoes.

purple birkenstocks on gravel
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  1. gosh at the little red car, not sure I fancy it somehow. Is that a flashing red light on top?
    Nice to read of other uses for tennis balls.
    Glad you manage to get your flower to photograph.

  2. Ah swimming lessons can be a pain to book on. We were lucky with ours, but I know it’s harder in town. Hopefully Z gets his place. I need to keep taking N because he’ll forget so much otherwise. It’s just getting round to it given we only have weekends and pools only open at 10. We’ve usually finished swimming lessons by that time and are off doing other things.

    Fingers crossed the weather holds for a bit longer – maybe the whole of the summer holidays would be good.

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