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School days – school report week

We’re racing towards the end of the school year, and N’s going to have a shock over the summer when he doesn’t need to be in that school routine. Mind you, he’ll be in holiday club for much of it, so there’s not that much difference. Except to me because I’ll have to make him a packed lunch every day. Sigh.

Tennis partnership

After playing tennis with N in the garden after school one day, I realised that N is more capable than I expected at tennis. When I asked him what they do in school he told me that he and his partner (another boy in his class) would demo their moves. He seems to really get on well with the tennis coach and supposedly got a hug off her. Although it’s probably more likely that he gave her one.

I mentioned the demoing to the other boy’s mum who was oblivious to anything in tennis because her son never talks about it. Although he had said that only 2 in the session could hit the ball. So it seems the 2 of them are doing really well for their age. I must try and keep N playing so he doesn’t lose it. We might be able to make the Friday afternoon sessions and hopefully he’ll not be too tired.

VIPs x2

N was VIP again this week, not once but twice. The teaching assistant had evidently said N had the highest number of VIP awards, but N was quick to put them straight and said his best friend had had more. I’m not sure what he was VIP for this week – one seemed to be for helping the teacher, and the other for general learning. But I’m never sure whether N’s made up the reasons as I’m asking him.

Tummy aches

It’s not often that N’s ill and he’s so far only had 1 day off sick. But this week he did moan about his tummy hurting…and then ate 4 different plates/bowls of food for breakfast. I couldn’t see much was wrong with him so he went off to school, being told if he felt really bad to tell the teacher and they would ring me.

I didn’t get a call so presumed everything was fine. But then when I picked him up the teacher mentioned that N had been distracted for a lot of the day and mentioning his tummy hurt. I’m not sure whether it’s been about his body fighting off some bites he has on his shoulder and body, or if it was a bug, but nothing else seems to be amiss and he’s been eating normally. It’s always a worry, especially when there’s chicken pox going round at nursery and school again – he’s had it twice very mildly, so I’m always worried he might get it again.

Reading books from the library

The county council library bus used to visit the school weekly, but now it’s stopped due to funding cuts. So N’s been going on about going to the proper library again, because his teacher told them they’d now need to go to get new books. Of course when it came to it, N preferred to go out on the farm so I chose him some new books instead. After the success of George’s Marvellous Medicine I chose another Dahl book, and another chapter book for me to read. I then picked up a few early reader books.

Most are a little advanced for N, but I did catch him lying on his bed giving one of the books a go. Yay, hopefully choosing new books from the library will encourage him to read non-school books off his own back. It might have only been one page, but it was good to see him trying a lot of words that aren’t based on the phonics groups.

reading books from school

A first school report

His first year end report came home this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but read it through to N so he could hear what was written and what he needed to work on. Thankfully everything was expected, except writing. And that wasn’t really a surprise given how little he really does. At home he won’t entertain writing words unless he gets a worksheet from school. When I suggested he write down a story of his own so I could make it into a book he got excited, but since then turns his nose up when I repeat the offer. His ability to write isn’t too bad, and he has good pencil control, so I’m hoping once he wants to do it, there’ll be no stopping him.

It’s unbelievable that his first year is nearly at an end.

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  1. It sounds like another good week. He’s obviously doing very well in tennis and it’s great to get VIP twice in a week! Well done to him for his school report. I’m sure the writing will come in time, although some kids never really want to do it (my 15yo son being a case in point!).

    1. Oh god, don’t say that! I’m hoping one day he’ll decide he wants to, but it’s not looking likely at the moment. He doesn’t even want to type things into the tablet either…or gets bored after 5 letters (plus it’s faster if I do it).

  2. I guess our school report will be winging its way home some time over the next week or so, hope hes done well eek.

    Well done to your little ones they are doing so well!

    1. I’ve only got 1 child, but yes he’s settled well. Hopefully he’ll come on leaps and bounds on the writing side next year.
      Hope your report will be a positive one.

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